Thursday, 8 July 2010

Britons Unite and Fight the Establishment!

We Britons have been divided against each other by our real enemies in the Establishment through their puppets in Governments of every hue. Now that we have the farce of a Coalition Government containing the 'mortal enemies' of Tory Conservatives and Whigg Liberals, surely the idea that the people who claim to lead us are anything but puppets cannot be taken seriously by anyone not crippled by their media lie machine. We are governed by a financial cabal of bankers and royal parasites and our parties are for show. We must re-examine events with focus upon the hidden powers. Perhaps this way we can understand events, and make sure we cannot be fooled into supporting our enemies again.

A vital area to examine is the reality of the 'British-Irish' Conflict, and in particular the phoney resistance movements which purport to protect sections of the British family of nations from other sections. An unpopular but appropriate place to start is with the IRA.

The IRA was created as a fighting front for the Irish Republican Brotherhood, which is a Masonic order. The drive towards a single cultureless mongrelised world required the destruction of any form of unity in the 'Old World Order'. That made it essential to smash the power houses, of which Britain was one.

The soft underbelly of the British homeland was Ireland. Working together with their Masonic brothers in the Orange Lodge, the IRB stirred up religious tensions to foment divisions amongst the British peoples. The ancient name of the Irish is Scotti, and it is from theses people that the lowland Scots came. The Irish are as much a part of the British family as are the Anglo-Saxons, Celtic English, Welsh, Picts, Manx et al. The Freemasonic mafia worked on the memories of the brutalisation of the Irish by the tyrannical Cromwells, leading people into rival camps from which to attack one another. The whole idea was to destabilise the British Isles, and pit Briton against Briton in a fratricidal war.

The Irish are not stupid. They refused to play the game, and continued to live in peace with their British brothers and sisters. In the absence of violence, the Masonic Establishment created the IRA and UVF. These organisations were not grass roots groups which sprang up to defend their own communities, as the propagandists claim - indeed there were no antagonistic communities to speak of. The leaders were (and are today) Freemasons. The first 'soldiers' were indeed soldiers - but members of the British Army, not outraged civilians, aka 'terrorists'. In time, manipulated individuals may have entered the ranks of the organisations (in truth, organisation), but the leaders remain State operatives.

The likes of Martin McGuiness are brother Masons with their Orange counterparts, and are only 'enemies' in public to maintain the myth. The Irish tricolour has the colours Orange and Green sitting next to the central colour, White. This is to show hide the truth in plain sight, knowing that most people will not be able to see it for all the lies they have swallowed. The colour White, by the way, symbolises the puppets masters behind the Orange and Green partners in crime. White is the colour of the Light Bringer - Lucifer, God of Freemasonry, as worshipped by the Rothschilds and other figures in the British Establishment.

The rival factions in Northern Ireland have become real at the local level due to the horrific crimes committed by the MI5 operatives in the paramilitaries on both sides. The truth is that the rivalry is as real the the Labour - Conservative rivalry in Westminster or the Fianna Fáil - Fine Gael rivalry in the Dáil. Just as the official parties of the London and Dublin parliaments have no real policy differences, nor have the political mouthpieces of the paramilitaries. You will never hear Sinn Féin or Progressive Unionist Party condemning the racial genocide of the people by non-European invasion. You will not hear them expose the Global Warming lie. They will not speak or act in a way which differentiates them from the Establishment, because at the highest level, they are part of the Establishment.

Don't get drawn into the Masonic false flag operation in Ulster. They want us to hate each other so they can implement more Police State measures for our 'defence' from the criminals they create. The Red Shield of the Rothschilds sits in the centre of the British Ulster flag, with its Yellow mirror in the centre of the Irish Ulster Flag. They are laughing at us.

Were it not for the evil committed by the British (internationalist-Kabbalist) Establishment, the peoples of the Isles would still live together in one nation (possibly a federal one) as brothers and sisters, which is precisely what we are. No Surrender to the Internationalist Rothschild Agenda. Our destiny is Unity for all Britons from Norfolk to Galway. Tiocfaidh ár lá.


Anonymous said...

What is the 'Red Shield of the Rothschilds sits in the centre of the British Ulster Flag'? Are you making reference to the Red Hand? If so you need to learn the history of Uladh.

The IRB of Donovan Rossa were a secretive organisation by necessity for obvious reasons, they first attempted an 'invasion' of Nova Scottia because that is where most of the Irish Republicans fled.

The Orange Order when formed in the Diamond was a coming together of the under siege Protestants. To the Ulster Protestant the Sash means something, let me point out to you that ALL the 36th Div. went over the top wearing the Sash.

The fact that Protestants don't cower and march and celebrate their Protestantism does not make them bigots.

You hide the fact that the main cause of the 'Troubles' is due to religion and the Catholic South wanting to impose Roman rule on the six counties.

Also you make reference to the Irish tricolour without actually I think understand that the Tri-colour is adopted as a national flag to denote a Masonic creation from the first Masonic revolution in France to Belgium, Italy etc.

'Tiocfaidh ar la'? after all your talk of 'masonic/Rothschild' conspiracy you end your article by using this war cry?!

Rufus, you need to learn a little more regards the situation.

Oh! and by the way Brythoniaid are Welsh/Cornish/Bretons.

Anonymous said...


So, just because you receive comments which don't pander to your own world view you choose not to put them up, I suppose you use the 'cover all' moderation of 'infantile nature'....How very, very marxist of you. Cunt.

Rufus said...

Thank you for your input as regards the indigenous celtic peoples. I will certainly reserarch the Uladh - I am seeking the truth, I do not claim to own it!

You are indeed right about the Masonic tricolour. Look at all the nations of Europe which have adopted it, the stench of Masonry is hidden in plain sight.

To the second anonymous post, I have published your comment as an example as to why I have to maintain control of the comments section. I am not a Marxist! Nowhere will you find endorsement of materialism and the abolition of private property (in reality, the concentration of property into the hands of the few - the bankers and their fellow Establishment

I also have had attempts to post pornography by the use of links hidden in Chinese script. If you wish toi watch pornography, and understand the spiritual danger you place yourself in thereby, that is your choice - but it is not welcome on this site.

Anonymous said...

You are against the British Protestant Crown. But are you against the Catholic Spanish Monarchy?

Rufus said...

Juan Carlos overturned all the achievements of Francisco Franco. He sold Spain into the European Union and under his reign the spiritual backbone of Spain has been shattered. Spain is awash with Moros; Catalunya is a stronghold of Zionism and degeneracy; the international materialist economy has replaced the protection held under El Caudillo.

Yes I oppose the Monarchy in Spain. I would love to see jug-earred Charlie roasting on a bonfire with Los Juancar roasting beside him.

Down with all Zionist Monarchies who feign service to the people but really serve the international banking cartels.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your answer.

Viva Espana!

Anonymous said...

Monarchy is a safeguard for the people against tyranny. It is unfortunate that the Crown has been usurped by the Sovereign's 'advisors'.

The Monarch was/is the head of the tribe who was in constant touch with her/his people.

The Elders have patiently been working away at eroding Monarchy.

Just a basic lesson to you. If the media are anti something (Serbia/National Socialism/Islam etc.) it must mean that what they are anti is in fact what we should be pro!

Stop regurgitating Murdoch's agenda.