Sunday, 18 July 2010

Innovation in Communication

We are in the middle of a war. On some levels this war is physical, such as the slaughter in Iraq, Afghanistan, and too many other places. On other levels the war is mental, such as through the stream of mind control and thought manipulation which passes for entertainment, news and advertising. On every level, the over-riding influence is spiritual - we are in a struggle against the forces of Luciferianism. On every front, it is the forces of decency and morality which are in retreat, and the forces of evil and materialism which are advancing. We cannot afford to lose this battle, as to do so would be to lose in this life, and the life to follow.

We are losing because our enemies have insight into how we feel and think. They have studied us for generations, much as a scientist studies lab rats. Fighting them using the weapons they have created means playing their game. There can only be one outcome to fighting our enemies using their rules, and that is victory for the hidden forces who are the real enemy. If we are to stand any chance of success, we must first look at ourselves, and abandon all the time worn tactics which have failed us again and again.

"Insanity", said Rudyard Kipling, "is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". Repetition of failed tactics to undermine our enslavers is beyond insane, it is tantamount to treason.

Party politics form one of the more obvious strategies for removing our enemies from power. Political Parties which contest elections fail because they are attempting to defeat the shadows cast by the real power. If a genuine party was ever to emerge with an unselfish agenda for the very real freedom of the people, it would be banned and its leaders incarcerated or killed. Should this prove not enough to silence a genuine party, it would be flooded with Establishment agents and brought back into the party game as a safety valve for opposition to the anti-human agenda. The corrupted party would then be used to corral genuine enemies of the hidden power, to more efficiently liquidate them. The NSDAP was one such compromised movement which was used to round up and eliminate opponents to the money power. The Iron Guard of Romania, withstood attempts to infiltrate it and so was destroyed by the compromised NSDAP on behalf of the alleged common enemy. Election-fighting Political Parties are a dead end and should be discarded as should all tools of the Establishment.

There are people who, seeing the futility of playing the party game, insist upon engaging in the 'armed struggle' to overthrow our oppressors. This is just an alternative brand of lunacy to the party farce. One need only look to Ireland for proof of the insanity of this idea. Invariably the proponents of such action fall into one of two categories; either they are Establishment assets, or, they are fantasists with no understanding of reality. These individuals are a gift to the Police State (if not indeed agents of it), as their rantings can be used to ratchet up repressive measures against the population as a whole, and to label as 'terrorists' and 'extremists' anyone who could be tied to these people by direct association or membership of the same or linked organisations. In any event, armed struggle is not an option as the people who pull the strings are so well protected that they are immune from attacks by the people. Any victims of direct action would be innocent civilians or puppets of the Establishment, and thus easily replaced individuals. Likewise buildings can be rebuilt. The armed approach is futile, not to mention immoral and unacceptable by the fact that murder is wrong!

So, if we cannot displace our enemies by voting them out, or blowing them up, what alternatives do we have? Well, for a start we can wake up to the reality that the Government are puppets, so any attempt at taking their positions is pointless - unless the objective is to gain the material benefits of becoming the new puppets, and thus becoming accomplices to the hidden elite. Our only hope is to wake up enough of the thinking portion of the population so as to drive a wedge between the rulers and the masses, and by so doing to dissolve their power by removing any acceptance of their institutions and authority. We do not need to awaken the sheeple, only the people still capable of rational independent thought - the sheeple will more than likely continue living in a trance-like state regardless of the benevolence or sickness of the society around them. Our goal is to awaken the few. The many are, at this stage, an irrelevance.

We need to expose the hidden elite, or at least the hidden agenda. We cannot do this by using the Established media which is barred to us. At present we can use the internet, but with censorship growing daily, it is a matter of time before we lose this medium also. The internet is great for getting information out to people who are looking for it, but not so good for awakening people who are blissfully ignorant of the orchestrated demise of all that is good in the world. We must utilise every tool at our disposal, but most importantly we must not get stuck in armchair warfare - we must take the battle to the people, in the real world.

There is a young lady in Portugal who privately tutors students in language skills. She uses the sessions as an opportunity to discuss important issues, thus not only enhancing the students' vocabularies, but also opening their minds to the reality the Television will not show. This is an excellent use of her time and energies, and even if it does not have immediate results, lays the seeds of awakening, which must surely bear fruit as the hidden reality becomes less easy to conceal.

I was waiting at a set of traffic lights only yesterday when a van pulled up at an adjacent filter lane with a great piece of propaganda painted on it. The van had a European Union flag painted across the centre of the back of it, with a skull and crossbones in the middle. Underneath the flag was a slogan about EU toxic corruption, but what stuck in my mind was the image. How many motorists must have seen the image by now? The combination of the EU flag with the symbol for death is one which provokes thought. Vans are routinely daubed with advertising because the advertisers know this works. This innovative thinking has powerful potential in getting people to think about issues which the Establishment would rather they didn't. If you have a vehicle, why not use it as a mobile propaganda device. If your vehicle is a motorbike, or even a bicycle, you could use the back of your jacket as a display piece.

People are heartily sick of political parties, so material which is not linked to parties is more effective than that which is used to get people into the party shambles. In the area where I live, walls were daubed with the slogan 'Free Gaza' to get people thinking about the crimes of Israel. Doubtless had these slogans been on posters attributed to Hizb ut-Tahrir, they would have provoked hostility to Muslims, and thus nullified any consideration of the suffering of the Palestinians. Whether Hizb were responsible for the graffiti is unknown - which is why it worked so well. When they staged marches carrying their banners, the result was more negative. Parties are at the heart of our problems, and anything which associates one with them should be avoided lest the information be ignored and dismissed as partisan.

The key to our salvation is awakening enough people of a sufficient calibre to threaten the hidden power. We need to awaken people who will refuse to cooperate with the Establishment, and who will encourage others to do likewise. The Establishment exists because we submit to it. We don't have to. Should enough people refuse to accept the authority of our enemies, and to live outside their rules, the Establishment will fail and we will be free. We need people who can think for themselves, people who will not blindly accept the evils of usurious materialism, people who will see the alternatives and put them into practice - taking the people who know and trust them out of the Establishment's grasp. In order to free these people from the unreality they live in and get them to join us in our common struggle, we must communicate with them using every means at our disposal. By using our imaginations to think up new form of propaganda, and keeping out of the party trap, we can win.

We don't have much time. We must ACT now.


Lone Wolf said...

Excellent points Rufus. The message must be communicated "in the real world" (apart from the internet).

Recently, in the last 3 weeks, I have talked to 3 of my co-workers who were already aware of various aspects of the "NWO" conspiracy (eg, heard about nefarious nature of Freemasonry, Denver Airport murals and underground complex, etc).

We are not alone. There are a lot more "NWO aware" people out there than the Establishment would have us believe (ie, not just a "small minority of nuts").

We must start talking about this information in public, face-to-face (eg, at churches, civic/organization meetings, etc). Then it will start spreading like wildfire and a more formidable and organized resistance will follow.

Rufus said...

Thank you Lone Wolf. You are right when you say that we are not alone.

I've been off-line for a few weeks, during which time I've taken the opportunity to listen to a whole range of people, to guage just how much resentment the powers-that-be are generating. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much hostility our enemies are bringing upon themselves. The arrogance of our rulers will be their undoing.

A lot of people are aware that something is very wrong in this world, and are beginning to ask questions. We must take advantage of this awakening to spread information and prevent the Establishment from hood-winking the masses into joining whatever controlled opposition they create.

We have to increase our efforts, especially in the real world. We can make a difference, and we must make sure we do.