Sunday, 11 July 2010

The same and different: The Freedom of Slavery

Equality. Just what exactly is meant by this word? Does it mean sameness? Or maybe it means of equal worth, reducing the object of the term to monetary value? It has become quite clear that even to the pushes of the neo-con/neo-communist lunacy, the meaning of the word is meaningless, for why else would they expand the politically correct nonsense word into the ludicrous phrase, "equality and diversity"?

The brain-washed, (and more often than not, the unwashed) will parrot the answer to the above question with some nice sounding drivel about Equality meaning that everyone should be treated in the same way, and that no one should be treated differently because of their (by which the Politically Correct buffoon means his or her)...take a deep breath...Gender, Gender Identity, Gender Alignment/Re-alignment Status, Ethnicity, Nationality, Language, Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, Sexual Preference, HIV Status, AIDS Status, Physical Ability Status, Mental Functioning Capacity, Culture, Religion/Belief System (or lack of), Marital Status, Dietary Preference, Height, Weight, Age, Mental Age, Pregnancy, Carer Issues, etc etc ad nauseum. The cretin (sorry, rational thinkingly disadvantaged person) will reel of the list in the manner of a Hare Krishna mantra, and if questioned about the fact that the list is one of differences, state that this is what Diversity is all about!

In a nutshell, the hard of thinking and the politically corrupt will tell you, with no trace of a grin, that Equality and Diversity means treating everyone in exactly the same manner whilst being fully conscious of the massive differences between each individual, and ensuring that everyone is treated according to those differences! I really wish I was making this up, but alas this is the all pervading pattern of thought in modern Britain.

The lunacy of political correctness has seen words removed from the English language lest they offend people who are so mentally unstable that they need to be removed from society and placed in asylums for their own good. These paranoid creatures who think everyone is out to get them, have been joined by greedy opportunists who can see that money can be made by suing people for saying words which they consider (or claim to consider) 'hurtful and 'discriminatory'. The people who have imposed political correctness on us have made it a dangerous philosophy precisely by applying the full force of the law to transgressors of the new thought pattern, with heavy fines, loss of work and imprisonment for people who dare to speak the forbidden truth of human nature and of right and wrong.

Westminster is called the 'Mother of Parliaments', by which it is supposed to be taken that modern democracy was given to the world after being created in London, and that this is something to be proud of. A study of the word 'democracy' shows that except at the smallest possible scale, in groupings where everyone knows everyone else personally, it is unworkable. What we have in Britain is a system of corruption whereby the real rulers retain power, and the puppets who pass for government get rich at the expense of the masses, who have no real say whatsoever. Democracy has been called mob rule - in reality it is despotism hidden behind the pretense of mob rule. It is a system to be ashamed of, and one which has been used to facilitate the total control of the people's thoughts and words, for the benefit of the parasitical few, under the lie of being for the good of all - and not just in Great Britain, but in every nation where this cancerous political system has spread.

Equality and Diversity is a phrase which the Establishment use to beat the people into servitude. The Police State which is being built around us is not one of CCTV and crushing taxation, but a system of paranoia and fear. Certainly the surveillance technology is a part of it, but not as a method for tracking people who disagree with the Establishment (the quality of the footage is, in the main, laughable, and with thought, the system is evadable). Rather, CCTV is used to create a feeling of powerlessness against the all-mighty State. The real Police State is built on the mutual suspicion of the people and the willingness to report one another for saying naughty words, not recycling, or any of the multitude of sins we have allowed 'our' Government to impose on us by the simple act of failing to say NO.

When we start speaking in the plural ('they/their') to discuss a single individual ('he or she/him or her/his or hers'), we are collaborating with our oppressors by using Equality-speak. When we start calling pieces of slate in a classroom 'chalkboards' rather than 'blackboards' for fear of offending someone with dark skin who most bizarrely identifies with the slate (does anyone do that?), we are helping to destroy our own language and are acquiescing with the destruction of our ability to think - blackboards are not made of chalk! Think about it. When we speak of the legal recognition of two sodomites or lesbians living together as 'marriage', we are desecrating a solemn religious institution and, should the 'gay' couple go on to adopt a child and bugger the poor creature (paedophilia is predominately homosexual) we are guilty of placing the infant in harms way by failing to stand up and defend morality and the real natural normal family.

Equality and Diversity are more than buzzwords from the Frankfurt School, which should have died when the USSR collapsed. No, Equality and Diversity is a very real danger to our generation, and should we continue as accomplices to the destruction off all that is decent and good, to the generations which follow. Communism did not collapse, it triumphed un-noticed by infiltrating our education system. Communism is about concentrating wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the many. It merged easily with finance capitalism, because it IS finance capitalism! In the West we were spared the social consequences because we had our strong sense of national pride, our religion, our culture, and our morality to give us the strength to see evil for what it is, and to oppose it. Political Correctness has removed our natural spiritual defence and made us ripe for total enslavement, the likes of which not even Stalin's victims would have feared possible.

We have to say No to the whole system of political correctness. Look to nature and you will see the reality of Equality. There is none! Equality does not exist. It is ironic that the pushers of Darwinism use the lie that we are all equal; all the same. From a biological outlook this is beyond ridiculous. As professed atheists, how dare they claim we are all created the same - how can that be if there is no Creator? Of course, the Atheism of the Elite is all for show, they know there is a God, and more to the point there is a Devil - who they serve. They also know that God gave humanity free will, thus making any 'Equality' spiritual (in the sense of being equally without sin until choosing otherwise), not material as the pc liars advocate.

We have to stop this nonsense now. We must reclaim our words, and use them in the real sense. To be Gay means to be having a good time, to be happy, not to be a degenerate who is so enamoured with his own physique that he tries to have sex with himself by having sex with another man and fantasising the other man is him. It is ok to say blind people can't see! How can we help people who are physically disabled if we treat them as if they were just like us? Calling someone from Pakistan a Paki is just shorthand for Pakistani, and there is no shame in that. Paki means Pure - it is a high complement to a Muslim. We need to stop allowing our enemies to tell us how to think. We need to act like grown adults and take responsibility for our own lives, and not allow the Wolf in Sheep's clothing, the Nanny State, to think for us and lead us by the hand into the Police State.

We are building our own prison by indulging liberal fantasies that we can defy nature and become Equal by legislating our innate differences out of existence. We need to take a step back and see reality afresh - and live in it. Our enemies are developing the technology to keep us enslaved, but they can only do that if we allow them to mentally enslave us now. Their control is an illusion and all we need to break it is to refuse to cooperate and to actively defy them.


Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Stuff which should find ample space in should be mainstream media. The situation, as it is so rivettingly explained, seems pretty hopeless. It is hopeless if one allows to be incarcerated in thought prisons which seem impregnable tobreak out from. We wish we could find a path, and it look that if any path can be found to lead us out of this hell will unfortunately be accompanied by violence and chaos.
It did not need be that way. In the same silent and imperceptibly arcane manner in which they imprisoned us, or brainwashed us, should be the manner in finding the path leading to light.

Anonymous said...

Another great article. If you look in any dictionary now, you will see the number 1 meaning of "gay" is homosexual. It now even means any homosexual and not jsut male! Degenerates have taken over our words!

Anonymous said...

equality is a nonsense word which is used to push the 'lowest common denominator' agenda.

Another word that has been perverted is discriminaton, the real meaning of discrimination is to use ones reasoning to discriminate against that which one believes is detrimental to ones own well being.

It is Trotsky who invented the word racism to disparage any White racial solidarity/autonomy (it was only to be used in the context of racist was that?!). It was Marxists who similarily created the nonsense word 'homophobia' for similar persecution of straight White people.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. It's a shame that the United States is following suit whereas we were a nation that once fought against the tyranny that exists in Europe.