Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Multi-cultists blame all Londoners for African rioters

Last night, once again Africans rioted in London.  Violence spread to other cities including Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leeds.  What do these cities have in common?  They have large African populations - indeed, the areas where looting, mugging and acts of violence have been committed have been areas where Africans dominate.  This is the reality of mass immigration and the multi-cultural society being inflicted upon all of Europe by Talmudists who have used the Shoah business to blackmail Europeans into accepting their presence in positions of authority. 

All of Europe has suffered a breakdown in society as multi-culturalism has been imposed with serious legal consequences for resisting this menace.  On the shores or the Mediterranean (the South European Sea) Israel was bombed into existence by these same Talmudists.  Do they have multi-culturalism there?  No, they have (false) Jewish supremacy.  Multi-culturalism is for export only.  The Talmudist scourge know that without racial and cultural homogeneity, no nation can survive.  That is why it is upheld in law, even Holy Law, in Israel, but criminalised in Europe and overseas Europe (the Americas, Australasia and now successfully destroyed, defunct Southern Africa)

For several days now, European soil has been under attack from Africans who hate our country but come here en masse for the benefits (social security benefits) they wouldn't get at home.  The latest news on the excuse for the violence and looting being carried out by marauding immigrants, is that Mark Duggan (the man shot dead by the Police) was carrying a converted Blank Firing Pistol so he was armed with a deadly weapon, even if he didn't fire it.  The Talmudic SWP are still upholding this crack-dealing gangster as a martyr and still pushing lies about Africans being victims of racism (as they burn European property in Europe!)  It would appear that their call for justice for the armed violent scum may be superfluous, as maybe he got the Justice he deserved after all.

Regardless of the criminality of Duggan, the destruction of London which has now spread to other cities, is totally unacceptable.  Even if he was a saint - which he most definitely was not - his death has been used as an excuse to destroy property and go looting.  He is an icon for violent criminals from outside Europe.  It is sickening that trotskyite anti-Europeans will make him a poster boy for their anti-indigenous racism.

To be brutally honest, the situation we have in London and elsewhere is nothing less than a state of war against indigenous folk by non-European vermin who have no place in our lands. A picture being used by the Establishment media (reproduced above) of the Broom Army in Clapham is typical of the multi-culturalist propaganda of the State.  The picture shows a predominately English crowd clearing the wreckage created by the rioters.  At the front are well-positioned Africans.  The impression is that race is not a factor in the riots.  It is.  There are good people and bad people in every race, and the Africans who are part of the effort to stop the rioters and clean up the mess, must be applauded.  It is dishonest to ignore the fact that the vast majority of the rioters are Africans and that the riots would not have occurred were they still in Africa.

Labour Party MP, Diane Abbot has called for a London-wide curfew.  This is sheer politically correct lunacy.  Only areas with majority African populations need to be controlled by curfew - and if there was any sanity in this country, that would be in preparation for their expulsion from Europe.  European and Asian areas do not need to be treated this way by the Police State.  To suggest otherwise is to deny the reality of events - but such is political correctness. 

I do not live in London, but I do live in a predominately Asian area which is within 30 minutes of where Africans have been rioting.  There has been no trouble whatsoever in this area.  The idea that the riots are due to economic deprivation is fallacy.  Where I live, unemployment is amongst the highest in the country.  The riots are not about poverty, and they are not multi-racial; they are African and driven by a criminal predisposition to steal and destroy; a predisposition inflamed by the multi-culti propagandists who encourage Africans to feel they are victims of European racism and have been since the days of the African Slave Trade.  Incidentally, the original victims of the Slave Trade were poor Europeans exploited by the traffickers in human misery who moved on to exploiting Africans when Europeans revolted.  At all times, the overwhelming majority of the Slave Traders were not Europeans; they were adherents to the anti-human dogma of the Talmud - the most racist and evil book ever written.

Mass immigration has failed.  It has wrecked the culture of the host nations and reduced the immigrants themselves to a life of welfare dependency and self-indulgent Zionist-imposed victimhood.  The only way for Europeans and outsiders to coexist is to make the coexistence global - Make Europe a land for Europeans only, Africa a land for Africans only, and Asia their land alone.  The natural trickle of peoples across the globe has never been a problem and had it remained a trickle then natural cultural integrity would not have been damaged by the limited movement of people.  The issue is mass migration which has been manipulated by the enemies of humanity to destroy all cultures; reducing all people to mindless producer-consumers to serve the only remaining homogeneous nation as perpetual zombie-like slaves.

The real cause of these riots is the Talmudic-Marxist ideology of multi-culturalism.  Zionist politicians and pressure groups created this mess.  They have Israel to wallow in their imaginary supremacy and the belief that there is a Big Jew in the Sky who hates all humanity except them and wants them to destroy all cultures and peoples to satisfy its evil lusts. These foul creatures aren't even Jews!  The Ashkenazim have stolen the name Israel from people with whom they have no connection.  Ersatz Israel is sadly a reality.  However, its existence gives the world the opportunity it needs to corral these false Jews into a single territory where they can turn their destructive tendencies inwards and not harm the rest of us.  They will have to cope with the Arabs they have stolen from and butchered, but as they say 'an eye for an eye!'

The Multiculturalist-Zionist-Marxist-Talmudic lie machine has been confronted in every land in Europe since the time of the conversion of the Khazars to Talmudism.  If anyone wonders why the Turkic Ashkenazi false-Jews are so hated, look at London as it burns and know it is those false-Jews who caused this.

It is time for the 1290 legislation forbidding followers of the Talmud to live in England to be enforced; and for all the sick anti-indigenous legislation the Talmudists have inflicted on our land to be repealed.  It is time to recognise Europe as a common land for all Europeans - as a loose confederation, not the centralised anti-European Talmudic EU which makes a mockery of the name. 

For all who love peace and respect the rights of all peoples to their own cultures, it is time to stop playing the multi-cultural game.  Let us halt the exploitation of Africa and make it a proud and strong land fit for its people to return to.  Let us restore Europe to her own and celebrate our cultural richness.  Multi-culturalism benefits no-one, save the Talmudists who stand to inherit a world of culturally devoid ethnically indistinguishable robots to lord over and exploit.  Zionism is the enemy of all, regardless of race or faith.

Africa for Africans; Europe for Europeans; Peace for all.  Real equality comes through mutual respect of contented peoples living amongst their own kin; not through impossible diversity and the inherent tensions found when people are forced to live with people who have no ties to their traditions and heritage.


Anonymous said...

You call them Africans, and it is true that they are largely racially black African, but many, perhaps even most of the people involved, are Afro-Caribbean (probably descendants of early Afro-Caribbean immigrants, whose entry into the UK began with the ship Empire Windrush in 1948, which was incidentally a former ship of Nazi Germany). It is easy to tell the difference as if they were African from Africa they would have African sounding names but Afro-Caribbeans from the UK's former colonies like Jamaica, St Lucia and similar places often have Anglicized names. Incidentally the same is often true of African-Americans.

Rufus said...

I use African in preference to having to write Africans, Afro-Caribbeans and Mullatos! Regardless of their specific origins, they are all of African descent and should return to their ancestral homes.

Anonymous said...

Those areas which do not have a predominant nigger element will not be under any threat, that is a problem the State did not count on as their shocktroop can only be deployed in a minimal number of towns/cities.

Anonymous said...

i really like your blog rufus,i check it regularly for info on libya and other issues and often send a link to it in any emails i write.you make a lot of sense.thanks for taking the time to create it.

Rufus said...

Thank you. I appreciate your support. It is encouraging to know that the old Left-Right false division is no longer perceived to be as relevant as it used to be. I write from my own perspective. Not long ago this would have meant that no one would give my writing house room, as it fails to fit into the boxes our oppressors have built for us. I hope that my contribution to the struggle will assist others to see that action is not futile, but vital. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

The government is exploring whether to turn off social networks or stop people texting during times of social unrest.

David Cameron said the intelligence services and the police were exploring whether it was "right and possible" to cut off those plotting violence.

Texting and Blackberry Messenger are said to have been used by some during this week's riots.

Rights groups said such a measure would be abused and hit the civil liberties of people who have done nothing wrong.

The prime minister told MPs the government was exploring the turn-off in a statement made to the House of Commons during an emergency recall of Parliament.

Mr Cameron said anyone watching the riots would be "struck by how they were organised via social media".

He said the government, using input from the police, intelligence services and industry, was looking at whether there should, or could, be limits on social media if it was being used to spread disorder.

Under social media, Mr Cameron includes Facebook, Twitter and specific technologies such as text messaging. The semi-private BBM messaging system on the Blackberry is said to have been widely used during the riots.

Home Secretary Theresa May is believed to be meeting representatives from Facebook, Twitter and RIM (maker of the Blackberry) to talk about their obligations during times of unrest.