Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bonfire Night. Remembering Guy Fawkes, the hero.

Tonight in England, the skies are filled with smoke as we celebrate Bonfire Night.  In spite of the constant Establishment talk of man-made Global Warming, and the need to cut down on all CO2 emissions, the 5th November is exempt from the draconian legislation which makes nigh on every human activity in the  UK illegal.  Bonfire Night is special to the Establishment.  Why is that?

Bonfire Night commemorates the unsuccessful plot to overthrow the despots in London.  On the 5th November, 1605, a group of patriots, led by Robert Catesby, attempted to detonate bombs under the English Parliament, whilst the monarchy and their political stooges were in the building.  They were forced into such drastic action by the despotism of the Establishment.  As successor to the vile Elizabeth Tudor, James Stuart was greeted as the man to lead England out of the sectarian mire that his anti-Catholic predecessor had created.  He turned out to be even more tyrannical than Elizabeth, and out of desperation, it was decided that he had to be killed.

Out of loyalty, one of the heroic revolutionaries had sent a letter to a friend, warning him not to be in Parliament on the 5th November.  This friendship was betrayed, and the army were sent after the would-be saviours of England.  The explosives expert, Guido 'Guy' Fawkes was caught in the cellars underneath Parliament.  He was brutally tortured to extract information which would lead to the arrest of those he had worked with.  In March 1607, the revolutionaries who survived the torture of the sadistic English Establishment, were murdered by being hanged until nearly dead, then sliced open (drawn) and disemboweled whilst still alive (quartered).  This particularly cruel murder was held in public to deter any other revolutionaries who may have attempted to avenge the martyrs and end the persecution of the common people.

To mark the attempted destruction of Parliament, it was declared that on the anniversary of the failed plot, bonfires should be lit and celebrations held.  The tradition continues, with many bonfires still having a ritual burning of Guy Fawkes.  It has also become customary for extravagant firework displays to accompany the bonfires, and in some places for historical re-enactments of the death march of Guy Fawkes and his fellow plotters.  Every town and village in England has its own display.  Tonight, the country will be visible from space as it is lit up by fire and fireworks.

The festival is officially to celebrate the crushing of the Catholics in England, and the survival of the tyrants who continue to oppress the people.  It doesn't have to be so.  Tonight, let those of us in England, and in the other territories where the festival is also celebrated, remember the heroism of Catesby, Fawkes and the others.  These brave men attempted to right the wrongs of the Establishment, but failed due to having the basic human decency which the ruling strata lack.  Had they been willing to sacrifice their friends in order to free our nation from the depots, our history would be very different.  Their failing was a mark of their humanity.

I will be joining friends and family to enjoy the fire, the fireworks display and the general good atmosphere which comes from the gathering of the people away from television and all the modern technological developments which most people use as a crutch.  Tonight we will stand in the cold winter night just as our ancestors have for centuries.  The old sectarian hatred which created this festival is all but gone.  Some die-hard anti-Catholics still hold on to a bizarre longing to roast Catholics and sing God Save the Queen. but they are the exception.  Bonfire Night is ironically, one of the few occasions when English folk gather in large numbers, without enforced multi-culturalism.  Tonight England feels like England!

I wish everyone a good evening.  If you are in England tonight, wrap up warmly and enjoy the feeling of being immersed in the native culture of the land.  This is a luxury which is denied to us all too often.  No one is barred from the festivities, but the people who attend are indigenous folk, and others who are happy to soak up our culture rather than to demand the imposition of theirs.  The Cultural Marxists who cannot understand why tradition matters, keep away by their own choice, and that is very much to our pleasure. 

As I watch the display, I will think of the great European heroes who fought to free this nation.  May they be an inspiration to us all.  In our contemporary world, bombing Parliament would only lead to even more State repression.  Let us honour the 1605 martyrs by ensuring we carry in our hearts the spirit of resistance and defiance, and that we continue to speak the truth and to stand against the despots who rule over us.

Catesby, Fawkes and the Revolutionaries of 5.11.(16)05 Presente!


Anon said...

There is evidence that the Gunpowder Plot was an inside-job.



Anonymous said...

The Gunpowder Plot was not a band of 'merry patriots' but Catholic agitators.

Bonfire comes from the English BONE FIRE.

Remember, remember the 5th of November you Taig-snakes-in -grass!

Final Conflict said...

I have read that Elizabeth's secret service (it was hers, passed onto the Stuarts) knew of the plot and allowed it to happen in order crush opposition.

If this were true than similarities may be drawn with "911" - though the establishment today is so evil and twisted they prefer the explosions to happen, to justify their wars and repression.

Anonymous said...

the irony is of course that the only non-Catholic involved in this conspiracy was Guido who was a Protestant!

Anonymous said...

Hello NFA,

Take a look at this, you may find it of interest (no pun intended!).

I see your posting of Farrakhan (the stooge) has caused some to-do, my personal view is that he says nothing that Whites don't already know and that Whites are not in such a pitiful state that they need to become 'pc' and promote some 'unity in diversity' nonsense...anyway, Daniel de Lisle Brock is a million times more precient to us Whites than any 'million man march' ever will be!

Rufus said...

Ah, the epiphet Taig. So am I to believe you are complimenting me as a “Tadhg an dá thaobh” (Man of the street)? Possibly not, considering the Snake reference. I take it at your bonfire the sectarianism was in full flow? Pity. I enjoyed a good wholesome night without any mention of Protestant-Catholic animosity. The discussion of the scum in Parliament did gravitate to the popular view that we need another Guy Fawkes, but not so the Establishment could create another martyr!

To return to the subject of the post, it is interesting that the Stuart regime had advance knowledge of the plot but allowed it to progress ALMOST to its conclusion. The Windsors were more than happy to preside over the murder and maiming of ordinary citizens on 7/7. It is alarming just how much more barbaric England has become. Doubtless this decline resulted from Stadholder's submission to his usurious friends.

The link to the Guernsey experiment is excellent. Daniel de Lisle Brock is an inspiration. Social Credit offers the solution to the banking cabal's debt system. It is precisely because of the economic direction of Catholic Social teaching, that Rome has been taken over by the true enemy. To see the anti-Pope speak of a global financial system shews just how serious the decline of Rome is. If only Guido had been successful, the world would be a far better place.

Anonymous said...

The legions of Greenshirts have been airbrushed from history.

The sheeple have no inclination/understanding of economics without recourse to financial dependency on international financiers. Neither do they comprehend how syndicalism/co-operatives can free them from wage slavery.