Saturday, 21 September 2019

Education destroying the nation!

by Mrs Rufus

The education system is not only a valid tool in the destruction/ control of young minds, the expression "give me the child until he is seven, and I will give you the man" - springs to mind (I will further explain this later), but it is also a means of psychologically beating down young impressionable minds. This is apparent in the way that white youngsters are taught they are vermin, basically having any sense of self worth and esteem diminished. Whites undergo the training that we are unable to express pride in white culture, for this is offensive, racist and wrong - in the eyes of the liberal do gooder establishment. This psychological beating children take, leaves feelings of guilt, worthlessness and little promise of a good life or great achievements (since whites are told they are vermin).

The saying I mentioned in the first paragraph - "give me the child until he is seven, and I will give you the man", basically means that young children can be brainwashed, more easily than children over the age of seven, at a young age children are influenced by their surroundings and education. After age seven, children develop their own minds and cannot be controlled, this is why the idea is to get children while they are young - so that the thoughts and opinions can be shaped for them, this opinion is the politically correct, do gooder, whites are scum and should be punished opinion.

Children can go to nursery from as little as three months old, which is long before they have had any real bonding time with the parents, or had any chance to develop their own personality, instead of the one the establishment pushes on them. Once a child goes to nursery, parents begin to lose the child, not only by way of the strong bond parent and child should have, but also on the level in which children follow their parents example and form their own personality through doing so. Nurseries are just training stations, preparing your child for the complete brainwashing they shall experience in schools. While I agree that children should be allowed to have fun, enjoy childhood and play etc, this does not mean they have to be treated like idiots - children's minds work somewhat like sponges, soaking up everything this is how children learn. If you treat children like idiots, they behave as such. In nurseries children finger paint, play with sand and water, dress up, play with toys and have maybe one story book read to them a day, they also have TV time (of course) - this does not appeal to a child's intellect at all. Children need mental stimulation, their minds need challenging.

Learning, is often passed off as boring, too much like hard work and something which can never be fun - this idea is drummed in to the generations by the establishment, who separate fun from learning. Learning, is fun - I admit it is of a different kind of amusement, but still fun nonetheless. Schools aim to keep the two separated, by keeping lessons dull, too controlled and requiring little individuality, self thought or general freedom. Schools also have breaks in which children are free to play in between lessons, again separating the two from each other. The method in which children are taught, plays a major role in how children respond to, or take in that education - if the lesson bears no true stimulation for the child, the child will fail to fully take in or remember the information. If teachers were to appeal to children's playful and excitable nature, the children would better take in any lesson. This of course, is not what the establishment want, the idea is for us to merely regurgitate the information we are given, never fully examining any given subject from both opposing views as well as the supporting views. We are never allowed to question what is classed as the only truth, because we may form our own opinions from such free thinking, this would destroy any grip the Zionist elite have over us.

Going back to the point I made earlier regarding psychological beatings, this affects children on many levels - any foreigners who witness this, begin to form the opinion of being superior to the white race, which is not true, whites also begin to feel the same. Whites fail education, because the education system fails them. Being told you are vermin on a daily basis, does nothing to inspire self improvement, only having your potential recognised as well as encouraged can inspire self improvement and want for further education. Because of this white generations are becoming self loathing, uneducated, liberal do gooders or racist.

Since some races choose to take advantage of the liberal do gooder ideology, that any race except whites deserves better treatment, can never be questioned/ criticised, deserves more rights and should be considered superior to the white race - whites become angry at, or submissive to this way of life. Equal opportunity only exists for those who are either perverse, mentally unstable or a different race - so for those of us who are straight, white, or haven't had a sex change - we will be considered less important and basically last in line for help, employment, health care, benefits, housing and mental health care. The system defies everything which is normal, teaching those who are different to think they are much better than us, and teaching those who have been beaten in to a submissive lifestyle that we should be ashamed of being normal - and these submissive people impose their brainwashed ideology on to others.

England, is becoming a very angry country. Whites are feeling let down by the system, which favours race or perversions over straight whites. People can feel something isn't quite right. Sometimes this inspires people to look in to these issues further, other times it leads to joining groups which promise things they do not intend to deliver, such as rights for whites, immigration control etc. These political parties, have only one true agenda, to get people together, focusing on one small problem, so they can never see past this problem - for example: the BNP, which is considered a racist group for obvious reasons (although they are now allowing foreigners in the group), but the true nature of such a group is merely to keep people focused on the issue of race - not the issue of who is behind the foreigners having more rights than us, I will not deny that these races take advantage of this because they do, I also will not deny that they play the race card to get their way, because they do. But the true problem, lies with the establishment, which is set up create this division of opinions - this allows the establishment to gain control through tricking people in to thinking there is a way out, a better option to turn to. Yet all of these parties are controlled by the establishment, and designed only to keep the people down, to keep us from ever progressing towards freedom, equality and a better world of freedom and peace. Groups like the BNP, sit around in pubs (for most of their meetings) drinking beer, talking nonsensical clap trap about what should be happening and never actually take any action, which of course is the whole point, to never get anywhere - it gives people a sense of false hope, so that we are not actually out there taking action for ourselves, because we are relying on a leader to dictate what happens next.

People fall in to the trap, thinking that the BNP will save them because they have been so let down by the education system that they are unable to think critically. The school system teaches people that everything is simple, there is right and there is wrong, and that everything has to be taken at face value, children who have their brains crippled by the mis-education system are more easily manipulated in to thinking that democracy really exists in this country, and that Nick Griffin gives a toss about them. If we had an education system, rather than an indoctrination system, then the Zionist liars of the tory, labour, liberal and BNP, and boneheads of the NF and SWP would be seen for the charlatans they are. But people support these shysters, and believe they crap they are fed by the TV. Why? Because their minds have been destroyed in the schools they attended as young children!

Saturday, 24 August 2019

The Destruction of Innocent Minds.

By Mrs Rufus

Subliminal messages although somewhat mistakenly overlooked, or even passed off as sheer lunacy or coincidence, are ever becoming more widely noticed. The meaning behind these messages is mostly realised by people who already had some understanding of why pop music videos are used. On a conscious level we might notice some of the obvious messages being sent out, mostly the observable sexual imagery. It takes a much closer look at and understanding of subliminal messages, in order to see what the whole message, or less obvious image is telling the mind on a subconscious level.

Music videos by the likes of lady GaGa and other modern pop stars, consist mostly of symbolism and subliminal messages. Rihanna, is also known to do music videos with such content, or course because she is black this protects the actual video from criticism, since small minded people will claim that the criticism is a race related thing - rather than what it actually is which is exposing the messages that we are only supposed to receive on a subconscious level. When we do receive these messages as they are intended, we behave the way these messages suggest. We are susceptible to such influences because our brain responds to words and images on many levels, what is not readily seen by our eyes our brains processes and stores, yet we are unaware of this even though it causes our thoughts to imitate what we have seen.

The song "Bad romance" by Lady"boy" GaGa, is absolutely full of hidden influences. I will begin by pointing out the hidden meanings in the video, then I will move on to the lyrics. The opening of this music video starts with twenty three people (including Lady GaGa), and a dog - in most if not all videos by lady GaGa there is at least one dog shown, representing Cerberus hound of hell. Of the twenty three people in the opening image, twelve are dressed in black, ten in white and Lady GaGa is in gold - white and black symbolise a chess board as found in the temples of freemasonry, the ceiling and floor of this image are square tiles which also represents a chess board. On the left of this image, there is a bath with two women inside it, one man sat on the tub with his legs inside and two men leaning on the bath one of women's legs is stretched across the man sat on the tubs lap this woman is sat behind another woman, this is a sexual image representing an orgy. The whole lay out of the image is exposing an orgy, with more men than women. In the middle of the picture, Lady GaGa is sat in a chair which is representing a throne, at both sides of the chair is a woman in the position of the masonic lion statues which are placed one opposite the other on buildings (which can be found on many masonic buildings, or Zionist owned business buildings), this represents sun worship.

Twelve seconds in to this video, Lady GaGa exposes mesh on her fingernails, which is symbolic of a web - which is used in the protocols in the Zionist capture of the planet.

In the very next image, the room is reminiscent of a prison cell (or at least what prison cells used to be like). The first noticeable thing in this scene of the video is the vodka bottles, underneath the neck of the bottle is an upside down pyramid which has four lines across it, one of them separating the cap stone from the pyramid. There is an eye shape inside the pyramid, representing the all seeing eye of the devil, and the word lex is written inside the eye - which is very similar to lux which means light coming from Sirius the dog star which is itself representative of Isis, Osiris and Horus which is the Illuminati trinity (the gods of our hidden rulers) an interesting choice of a bottle for such a video - it makes a bold statement of ownership by the Illuminati. Next a sign comes up with the words "bath haus of GaGa" - bath houses are known as places for homosexuals to have orgies. The dancers in the video open the white boxes they are in (there are seven boxes, one has the word monster and a cross on it,) and start to make their way out, these boxes very closely resemble coffins - skull and bones (Illuminati secret society based in Yale) practice masturbation in coffins. They start to slither out much like serpents - every person coming out of these coffins has a white PVC hat on (as well as being dressed in a white pvc outfit), this hat covers the eyes but not the mouth, at the top the pvc material is formed in to spikes - the dancers begin to move around like Zombies in a horror movie and then begin to clap as if to applaud their blindness, lady GaGa is in the bath fully clothed at this point which in itself is rather odd. We see lady GaGa standing in front of the mirror after the bath scene, posing in an odd way dressed in black wearing a hat very similar to that of the dancers in the other scene - I believe these hats may symbolise ownership, since the colours are well known Illuminati colours, lady GaGa's hat does not cover the eyes which could suggest she is aware of the ownership instead of blind to it like the dancers appear to be. While the dancers continue a very odd dance which reminds me somewhat of Michael Jackson's thriller video - almost inviting evil, one of the dancers is shown sat on the floor the first time she appears to be reverting back in on herself, next she is shown from behind, her hand reaches round towards her bottom almost inviting sodomy. Again we are shown Lady GaGa in front of the mirror she slides her hand up her leg and down in to her crotch - which is masturbation, then she lifts her dress up slightly flashing herself in the mirror. When lady GaGa is shown next in the bath again she appears to have rather large pupils and seems to be on drugs or possessed by something evil - the dancer on the floor appears rather lost and disturbed when she is next shown, almost as if she has lost something on the floor. In the bath scenes, lady GaGa makes weird movements with the end joints of her fingers on one hand - she also shows herself making a gun shape with her fingers, exposing a tattoo which is considered to be the hippie sign for peace, really it is the old death rune, she is also wearing earrings which look like pyramids and seem to have a wire dangling from them as if they are earphones. All the while the dancers continue dances which seem to be a rip off of Michael Jackson's thriller video, they appear to be struggling to see and feel their way around - almost like a battle to cure their blindness, the movements clearly resemble blindness as well as showing stupidity - this symbolises being blind to the truth, stumbling on in a trance like state kept in the dark. It great exposes sheeple, this is basically showing how they see the people they have brainwashed - they see them as blind sheep who will remain blind. Lady GaGa is dragged from the bath and seems to be struggling as if frightened - the dancers when shown next have their arms stretched out and just move their hips, it is as if they are pushing lady GaGa symbolically. The two women who dragged lady GaGa from the bath seem to be dressed almost like nurses they sit her on the edge of the bath and then force a drink down her throat - which lady GaGa dribbles down her chin, which is a sexual reference referring to oral sex and ejaculation in the mouth - which she is then forced to swallow.

Lady GaGa is next shown being pulled about by the dancers who are tearing at her clothes, preparing her for exposure for men's pleasure she is wearing very little when the coat is pulled off of her body (she also appears to be struggling when next shown in the bath - as if fighting off the people who want to indecently expose her) - which is giving teenagers and children that being dressed in a degrading and slutty manner to benefit men is OK and that there is no shame in such disgusting behaviour, it is basically turning women in to mere sex objects for the benefit of men and teaching children that they should behave this way. Which is the Zionist dream, pornography was created by Zionist Jews - this is another way of degrading women and making them nothing more than a hole in the eyes of men - this has been so much that now porn is inescapable, it is in magazines like just17, which is mostly read by much younger teenagers and children who wish to feel older - this kind of imagery is mimicked by children who wish to seem more grown up and so act and dress like prostitutes. This is how children become sexualised, children are even portrayed this way in films, so that they become objects of lust for men - leading to paedophilia. The whole school girl uniform fantasy was also created by the Zionist's as a way of tempting men to lust after children. This explains the great rise in paedophilia cases of young rape cases which are basically paedophilia cases but classed differently by a ridiculous law.

The women dancers who ripped the clothes from lady GaGa seem very pleased with themselves after they have uncovered her - they are glancing at the men who are sat observing the whole thing, lady GaGa has now been turned in to a mere sex object and her morality been destroyed by these women. Despite this, lady GaGa at first tries to cover herself as if she does not want to be degraded and ogled by men - this scene is displaying an orgy again. Of the men that are shown, three seem to be wearing muzzles - symbolising that men are dogs and driven only by lust humping everything in site. Three men are showing visible tattoos, the middle man has a trident tattoo on one arm, and what appears to be a skull on the other arm, he also has death tattooed on his right shoulder - the man sat to his right has what looks like an ecto skeleton on his arm, and the man on left of the middle man has a very odd tattoo as well, which I struggled to make out as I progress through this video I may be able to work out what it is meant to be, hopefully. One of the men next shown has what looks like the chin part of a roman helmet strapped to his face, which I believe could symbolise controlled speech (political correctness) since it appears to almost be a kind of gag keeping him from speaking. This man has a tattoo on his neck which seems like a face, with hearts where the eyes should be, where the nose should be what looks similar to a cross creeps up above where the hearts are, but it also seems at the same time like rams horns making the cross - it is a very demonic looking tattoo.

Lady GaGa is next seen with her hand on her breasts and one hand in between her legs like she is masturbating, she is being carried by the other women in the scene. After this she is shown naked at either side of her are walls, in front of her is what looks like a cage keeping her inside these walls. It goes back to the previous scene where she is lowered to a standing position and begins to dance for the men - which is basically strip club dancing, giving children the impression that this is how to get men to like you, it also teaches children to be sex objects again and to be slags. The men sit watching the dancing which is for their entertainment - this is possibly to spur children on in to such demeaning jobs, Zionists love the idea of women and men being mere sex objects, obsessed with sex and having no standards just sleeping with anything in site - this is why they are destroying each generation more and more. The naked scene comes on again, this time Lady GaGa is leaning forward and her back bones stick out like that of a Ceratosaurus (which is basically a lizard, yes I am referring to David Ickes idea of the reptilian bloodline - I believe anything to be a possibility in this lifetime) this scene shows lady GaGa looking malnourished and diseased - the bone structure is not at all normal, it would take great tampering of the image or severe anorexia for such obvious sticking out of the bone, and even then this would mean she was close to dying - plus there would be many more bones sticking out, not just the spine. In the next dance scene (going back to the where the women are being watched by men), lady GaGa is thrown to the floor at the feet of the men being watched closely by these men - she stands up, lifts her leg and strokes in between her legs - which is showing masturbation for the men's pleasure, which again is teaching little girls to degrade themselves for the pleasure of men - it is telling little girls to touch themselves on a subconscious level - this kind of message can lead children in to early and obsessive masturbation. At the same time the leg movement is symbolic of a woman climbing on top of a man for sex and positioning his penis inside her - which is giving the message that children should be off having sex, this kind of imagery teaches promiscuity.

The next few dance moves are mostly hand gestures with slight hip movements - one such hand movement clearly shows the "wanking" hand gesture by all of the women dancers. Lady GaGa is seen naked again this time doing what seems to be a flicking movement - when you actually stop this at the precise moment she is about to flick, you see that she is making an eye with her finger (masonic symbol), and also making the shape of three sixes with her fingers - which is how the mind will process the image. Again in this scene she looks very reptilian with the way her back bone is sticking out in the way of spines. The next part of the dance shown is lady GaGa with her fingers touching making a with child movement by making out the shape of a pregnant belly with her arms. Which is basically telling these young children that the music is aimed at to get pregnant young (hence the teenage mum problem). In these scenes with the dancers, a fair few drinks of vodka (the same vodka bottles which were mentioned earlier) are poured out by the men watching the dancers - this is giving the message to drink heavily - alcohol is actually more dangerous and addictive than illegal drugs, as well as it dulling the senses and destroying brain cells. Lady GaGa is next seen crawling on her knees towards the men - teaching children to be slaves, not only slaves to the Zionist agenda, but also sex slaves. Lady GaGa climbs on top of of one of the men - this message again is sex she is riding him - teaching children again to have promiscuous sex - during this part she is seen making humping movements, then seen naked again moving her bottom as if having sex. A cat hisses at Lady GaGa while she is humping this man - the cat represents Bast (Bastet) Egyptian Goddess of the Rising Sun. The 'Cat Goddess'. And of course sun worship ties in with the Illuminati. The cat is a sphynx cat - which is also Egyptian again.

One of men pushes a button, then three laptop screens are shown (each laptop has a 6 on the back of it- there are three sixes - the devils number) where the men are bidding basically they are buying her, she is a prostitute selling her body to these men. Just before where the amount being bid is there is a letter P with a line going through just under the D shape of the letter - this is not a type of currency, it means prostitution - lady GaGa prostitution bid. This is telling children several messages, one that the body is not worth anything, it is merely for sexual pleasure, two that there is nothing wrong with prostitution, three that pornography is fine and being a porn star is fine - which it isn't because it degrades women and turns men in sex obsessed lust driven objects - and four it tells children that by using sex to make money they can become rich - it devalues love making, marriage and women. It also glorifies materialism over morals and respect for oneself.

Of the numbers shown on the bidding for lady GaGa I used the method for numerology and looked up the meanings of each number, so that I could ascertain as to whether they had any significance at all. Firstly the numbers shown are: 943 616 - 965 818 - 976 141 - and lady GaGa sells at 1000,000. I took the first set of numbers and added each single number together which came to 29 - then I added 2 + 9 which comes to 11, the numerological meaning behind this is:

"The 11 is known as the psychics number, it's the most intuitive of all numbers and it represents illumination and deep insight" - Notice Illumination = Illuminati.

"It acts as a channel for information between the higher and the lower." - The higher and the lower meaning classes of people (in the case of what the Zionist reasoning behind this numerology usage is) "a channel for information" - which means the brain washing we are subjected to, basically put together it means we are the lower class, beneath the Zionists, their slaves - and the people involved in spreading their lies and inflicting these brainwashing rituals upon us are the channel for information - from the Zionists, to us.

The next lot of numbers came to 37 - 3 + 7 = 10 For Pythagoras, 10 was the symbol of the universe and it also expressed the whole of human knowledge. Represent the Creator and the creation, 3 + 7, the Trinity resting in the expressed universe. Meaning that the creators are the Zionists and we are the creation - because they have destroyed what used to be our culture, and created a new one, along with inflicting a destructive way of thinking which is not our own. "It also expressed the whole of human knowledge" - we know only what we are told, through subliminal messages, media influences and lies the government are paid to tell us - Lady GaGa represents what knowledge we are fed through the subliminal messages, or more how our thoughts are manipulated in to thinking the way our Zionist rulers want us to. "The trinity resting in the expressed universe" - the trinity = Illuminati, resting in the expressed universe could mean the ideology they have created for us which is considered the logic of the universe (earth is what the real meaning is behind this, since earth is all we know to have been manipulated). It could also point to the fact that they do not follow what we are forced and brain washed in to following - they rest, we serve. "For the Mayans, it represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. The ten was regarded as being the number of the life and the death." Which could tie in to two things really, firstly the NWO as the beginning of a new cycle, secondly 2012, when the end of the world is predicted - interestingly by the Mayans. According to H.- P. Blavatsky, the 1 followed by 0 indicates the column and the circle, meaning the principle of the female and male, and this symbol would refer to the Androgyny nature and also to Jehovah, being at the same time male and female. Jehovah or yhwh - is the Jewish god, which may also be tied in with Zionists because they claim to be Jews, but the are not by race, only by religion.

The next lot of numbers when added came to 28 - 2 + 8 = 10. - Since 10 has already been discussed I do not need to mention it again.
Incidentally, Lady GaGa comes to the number 13 in numerology - 13 represents "all or nothing" through transformation pertaining to degeneration or regeneration. Symbolic death and rebirth is strongly associated to 13. An example of the representative power of the number 13 is transitioning from modest means to vast wealth 13 is considered a "Karmic Debt Number," - "All or nothing", which could represent how unless these pop stars who sell their souls to the Zionist devils willingly sacrifice their souls to such depravity, they will never get famous and their songs will never reach the charts, they must fully submit to Zionism. "Degeneration" - which could mean the deterioration of the Lady GaGa, also the part she plays in cause the degeneration of humanity. "symbolic death and rebirth" - the old person dying out, and being replaced by the Zionists tool, also the death of our way of life and moral standing - the rebirth of our degrading existence. "Transitioning from modest means to vast wealth" - the selling of oneself/the soul to the devil (Zionism) for financial gain. "Karmeric debt number" - the debt Lady GaGa pays by corrupting the generations with her music and videos, it is the price she pays for selling herself in order to get famous.

When I was looking up Jewish numerology, I found the symbolism of the number 13 - "For the cabalist, the number 13 is the meaning of the Snake, the dragon, Satan and the murderer." Which I found interesting, since the snake represents the leading astray of Adam and Eve. Obviously the dragon represents reptilian blood lines, and Satan well clearly it is the mark of what our Zionist elite worship. It clearly shows why such an odd name was picked.

Going back to the dance moves, Lady Gaga is next dancing with the other (supposed women, although it is questionable whether they are women or men in drag), the next few dances moves are mostly hand gestures (like the masturbation of a male) with the occassional humping gesture towards the men who are watching - basically whether these dancers are male or female - the message is to fancy the masculine appearance - which could explain the rise in homosexual/bisexual activity?!
The next bit that stood out to me the most is when Lady Gaga is seen in black underwear surrounded by clear diamonds floating in the air, as well as a room full of men sat around her, this is suggestive of group sex, and what is known as a 'spit-roast' - these diamonds represent male ejaculation being released on Lady Gaga. This is sending the message that group sex, and promiscuity in general are normal acts. Lady Gaga is now wearing a metal 'roman' style helmet (or at least the front face covering part of) - which again represents a muzzle - control.

There are two theories about what the metal ring costume represents, one that the rings represents other dimensions. And the other that it could represent the ring of saturn - which seems plausible (upon first sight of this image) when the significance of Saturn is looked up -

"Saturn, so active in the cosmic changes, was regarded by all mankind as the supreme god. Seneca says that Epigenes, who studied astronomy among the Chaldeans, “estimates that the planet Saturn exerts the greatest influence upon all the movements of celestial bodies.” (1)

On becoming a nova, it ejected filaments in all directions and the solar system became illuminated as if by a hundred suns. It subsided rather quickly and retreated into far-away regions."

Illumination represents the illuminati obviously, and the hundred suns is the sun worship.
Also, Lady Gaga's outfit seems somewhat robotic - which is basically the Zionist dream, to turn us in to mindless, emotionless, soul less slave robots that they can control. Two of the rings are almost inline with Lady Gaga's stomach next (Whereas the others were/are inline with her head), this is similar to what an atom looks like, and reminiscent of a portal to another dimension (as the rings keep separating), Lady Gaga places her hand out, as if testing a new dimension before she fully allows herself to step in to it. A pyramid tattoo is clearly visible on her arm, it probably even has the correct amount of stones (for it to be completely significant to Zionism - 13).

The next outfit we see Lady Gaga in is rather 'reptile' like, consisting of a scaley green and yellow suit. Lady Gaga makes a hand gesture which almost looks like the number six (which is shown three times). The body pose during this is almost like the Baphomet (church of Satan). Lady Gaga's sunglasses (why would she wear these indoors anyway? - Probably because it is a statement of sun worship), seem to come out to a point - like lizard eyes. The style of Lady Gaga's hair (during this reptile scene) is reminiscent of a desert horned lizard's spikes sticking out to the side and back of the head.

We again see Lady Gaga in the bath scene, this time with her hands around her throat, but arms extended upwards and outwards, which it seems rather odd to be throttling oneself. Lady Gaga appears in the fur (and full body including head) polar bear outfit. She is white room walking towards two rams heads on the wall - which is the traditional sign of the Devil. In this room there is a bed, on it a man is sat (the man who bid the highest for her earlier on the computer screens), with bedside tables (either side of the bed), with a lamp on each. The bed frame is shaped like a pyramid with the steps going up, and at the top the eye of Horus - this is faint but the subconscious mind would easily see it. It was actually by chance I came across, I was examining the man and bed scene and noticed the background. The lamps at either side represent the pillars of light - this scene is very masonic indeed. Lady Gag is shown with her sunglasses on, which show a reflection of everything just mentioned^^^ (again sunglasses indoors? - Also have you noticed that all the sunglasses she wears make her nose in to the shape of a pyramid with the cap stone missing - this is deliberate, remember these sunglasses are designed for her).

The man is wearing his muzzle still and unbuttons his shirt - he earlier paid for Lady Gaga's services (prostitution). Lady Gaga and her masculine dancers are in red for their next costume scene, lying on the floor, all positioned in the base of a pyramid (remember these scenes are deliberately laid out, it is not coincidence, every detail is thought out and planned). Lady Gaga strokes herself down her bust area in to her groin area (masturbation), She makes head movements almost like she is being humped hard. During this dance scene she makes very many sexually suggestive dance moves. When Lady Gaga is shown with very little make up on, she seems to be jerking her body somewhat, as if masturbating. She is then shown taking off her fur coat. When next seen in her reptile outfit, her shadow looks almost like an Egytian Pharaoh - if you look properly you can see it even seems to have a beard, whereas Lady Gaga does not, so this picture was obviously edited). Also, behind the shadow of Lady Gaga is another shadow, which looks almost like a demon (or like one of those Gargoyle statues seen on some buildings) creeping up behind her.

The room with the man and Lady Gaga (prostitute scene) is suddenly on fire, which starts behind the bed (representing the fire of hell - from an evil and sinful act). Lady Gaga in red is making almost robotic dance moves now along with her masculine dancers. Now Lady Gaga is shown in front of the flames. The (red suited) dance scenes continue to be somewhat robotic and look almost like she is having an epileptic fit with the strange hand and body movements. The bed is shown ablaze, then Lady Gaga poses in front of the burning bed - the fire behind her is a pyramid (of course), and her pose is definitely deliberate, but I'm not exactly sure what it represents yet. In red again Lady Gaga makes a pyramid shape over her eye with her fingers, which is her trademark really - it is showing ownership - the Zionist ownership of her soul. The man is now dead, burnt alive for his sins - Lady Gaga lays next to his corpse, with a bra that sparks - illumination. She is smoking a cigerrette - which in films is seen as a form of release after sexual activity has taken place, insinuating she has sold herself as a prostitute to the man for his sexual pleasure. This could be seen as a message to sell ones body through prostitution, and also pornography - both are degrading and wrong.

If you consider again, who are these songs and videos aimed at? Children! These songs and videos are shaping the opinions and future actions of each generation of children - hence why promiscuity is popular and common in todays younger generations.

Lyrics of the song 'Bad romance'.

This is so I can show the hidden meaning in what you may just consider odd wording, but it is never coincidence, it is always deliberate. Our brain filters our conception of reality, principally by means of the interpretation of the three archetypes: Music, words and images. These people know this, they use it to manipulate the masses with subliminal messages.

Caught in a bad romance
Caught in a bad romance
Rah rah ah-ah-ah! - Ra, is the Egytian sun God, (merged with Horus)
Ro mah ro-mah-mah

- Romah - could be 'roam', as in to roam, (without direction, aimless wondering, roamers - 'gypsies').

Gaga Ooh-la-la!
Want your bad romance

Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah
Gaga Ooh-la-la!
Want your bad romance

I want your ugly

- When Lady Gaga sings this she is looking in the mirror, she is basically saying she wants you to feel inferior 'ugly' - which leads to vanity, obsession with appearances.

I want your disease
- Why would she want a disease? The disease represents illness (obviously, but inflicted like the illnesses caused by the poisonous toxins we daily have forced upon us, through food, water, medication etc). It also means your mental illness - the destruction of your mind.

I want your everything
As long as it’s free
- She wants everything - if it's free - doesn't that sound like the 'doley scrounger' mentality, 'I want everything for free'. It's telling people to take take take. To rely on a fragile benefits system.

I want your love
I want your love
- She wants you to idolise her, to love her - because then her words and actions can affect you even more. Which means you are more open to the suggestive nature of her songs. The magic of symbolism (in Zionist belief) relies on your submission to it.

I want your drama
The touch of your hand
- When she sings this, she strokes her hand down inbetween her leg and lifts her dress, exposing private area in front of the mirror - this is a sexual suggestion.

I want you leathe-studded kiss in the sand
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love

You know that I want you
And you know that I need you
- Submissive to her Zionist leaders - she relies on them for fame.I want it bad
Your bad romance

I want your loving
And I want your revenge
- Sex. And revenge - a retaliation to something,

You and me could write a bad romance
I want your loving
All your love is revenge
You and me could write a bad romance
- All your love is revenge? Almost as if the sexual act taking place is a retaliation to something?
Caught in a bad romance

Caught in a bad romance

Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah
Gaga Ooh-la-la!
Want your bad romance

I want your horror
I want your design
- Lady Gaga wants you at your worst - she wants you to be illiterate, stupid and evil, mere objects of lust and obsession (With the material objects). She wants you to be a certain way 'a design' - which has been planned out for you by way of fashion, magazines, music videos and TV etc.

‘Cause you’re a criminal
As long as your mine
- You're a criminal, as long as 'your' (should be you're, but that was how the lyrics were written) mine? She is expressing her hold over you here, she controls 'you' - you're 'hers'. An object that she shapes. She wants you to be a criminal, to be nothing more than a lazy parasite.

I want your love
I want your love, uhh

I want your psycho
Your vertigo stick
- Not only does this not make sense, but it is also a message for you to suffer from psychosis. And vertigo stick - is obviously a penis, vertigo implies 'infected', therefore she wants sex and is promoting promiscuity, as well as telling you that STDs are no big deal, don't worry about it, it's only an STD, have sex never mind. Basically that is the message.

Want you in my room
When your baby is sick
- Again, not only do the lyrics not make sense or have any purpose (in the way that they are to the conscious mind stating nothing at all), but obviously again sex is being mentioned. The mention of a 'baby' seems quite odd. This could be a mention of an actual baby, which would seem very sick to be honest - or it could be a mention of a partner, infidelity.

I want your love
I want your love
I want your love

You know that I want you
And you know that I need you
(‘Cause I’m a freak bitch, baby!)
I want it bad
Your bad romance
- She is saying she is desperate for sex - teaching people to become slaves to their lusts, nothing more than mere sex objects and materialistic ones at that!

I want your loving
And I want your revenge
You and me could write a bad romance
I want your loving
All your love is revenge
You and me could write a bad romance

Caught in a bad romance

Caught in a bad romance

Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah
Gaga Ooh-la-la!
Want your bad romance

Work-work fashion baby
Work it
move that bitch crazy
Work-work fashion baby
Work it
move that bitch crazy
Work-work fashion baby
Work it
move that bitch crazy
Work-work fashion baby
Work it
I’m a freak bitch baby
- Here she is telling you to work - in other words to be a slave, and she mentions fashion which she also wishes you to be a slave to.

I want your love
And I want your revenge
I want your love
I don’t wanna be friends
- Here is an obvious mention of a 'one night stand', she doesn't want anything more than sex basically (telling you that sex means nothing, and relationships mean nothing) - she doesn't want to think of her sexual conquests as 'people', just as objects of her desire -which is how she wants you to see people also.

J'veux ton amour
Et je veux ton revenge
J'veux ton amour
I don't wanna be friends

(I don't wanna be friends)
Caught in a bad romance

(I don't wanna be friends)
(Want your bad romance)
Caught in a bad romance
(Want your bad romance)

I want your loving
I want your revenge
You and me could write a bad romance
I want your loving
All your love is revenge
You and me could write a bad romance

(Want your bad romance)
Caught in a bad romance
(Want your bad romance)
(Want your bad romance)
Caught in a bad romance

Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah
Gaga Ooh-la-la!
Want your bad romance

Obviously, these lyrics and images are planned out by the Zionist leaders. Lady Gaga is a mere tool for delivering the messages, but she still is playing her part in the destruction of young impressionable minds nonetheless. Most of the 'big' singers used to push subliminal messages, started out as trusted figures (when the elite actually bothered to cover their tracks, they are obviously over confident these days), they claimed to be religious, wrote seemingly innocent songs etc etc. And now that they're sending these messages, they have already gained parental trust, therefore no one expects them to be destroying young minds, this allows the songs and images to cause the mental destruction of each generation.

I will be doing a youtube video on this subject at some point, I was going to wait until after making the video to publish this article but I felt that perhaps I should publish this now, since I haven't written anything for a while. Once the video is up and running I will post it to this article.

In all honesty I believe this battle began before physical existence (as we know it) began. But control, relies upon submission, as does their satanic cult magic - that and fear, of course!

Zionists are just the physical problem - whereas the mental problem lies much deeper. In this reality, Zionism controls everything physical - but in whatever true reality is, nothing can be controlled so easily - hence why Zionism involves forcing submission, using fear etc to gain control. Plus their whole magic rituals rely upon such things.

It's kind of a difficult subject this though, because most people are only aware, or only believe in physical reality as they see it - they're unaware, or unwilling to understand that the physical reality is not actually reality - since everything is made up of atoms and they are hollow. It is simply too hard a concept for the brain capacity (of many) to grasp. Even of those who are aware that this reality is purely an idea planted in to our brains - which has grown to be our soul existence, can not explain it so well because of limited brain capacities.

Technology was the worst thing that could ever have happened to the world. Without contact to other parts of the world, the Zionists could never control the masses fully.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Mountbatten, Epstein, Jimmy Savile, the entire UK monarchy/establishment: Degenerate and dangerous

Aangirfan has published an excellent article exposing the windsor paedophile, mountbatten, mentor to charles 'butler-raping / best friend of child-procuring jimmy savile / wife-killer' windsor and great uncle to andrew 'friend of paedophiles' windsor.  Have a look, expose these scumbags...


Edwin Bramall, who was appointed to serve on Lord Mountbatten's staff.

Lord Mountbatten lusted after young boys, according to FBI files.

Edwin Bramall was appointed to serve on Lord Mountbatten's staff in 1963.

Mounbottom (centre)

Both Bramall and Mounbatten have been accused of involvement in child sexual abuse.

NEWLY unearthed FBI files describe Lord Mountbatten, as 'a homosexual with a perversion for young boys'.

Malta, popular with Cliff Richard.

In historian Andrew Lownie's The Mountbattens: Their Lives & Loves, there is a reference to Ron Perks, who was Mountbatten's driver in Malta in 1948.

Ron Perks tells how Mountbatten loved the Red House near Rabat.

The Red House 'was an upmarket gay brothel used by senior naval officers'.

Top military figures are reported to have visited the KINCORA boy brothel in the UK.

Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo Aug 16

India Hicks is in Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book.

India Hicks is the granddaughter of Mountbatten.

Mountbatten is believed to have visited the Kincora boy brothel with Anthony Blunt. 

mountbatten-grandchild-11-given-valium india-hicks-love-family / Show this thread


The Americans murdered Mountbatten ANGLO-IRISH CHILD ABUSE RING / SATANIC ABUSE 

Prince Charles' mentor, Mountbatten, contributed to the suicide of his Kincora assault victim, Stephen Waring

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

LARPing Nazis are the Useful Idiots which the State uses to Crush Freedom - the New Zealand terrorist, Brenton Tarrant, Norway terrorist, Anders Breivik, and National Action wannabe fools - all deserve the same disdain.

The controlled opposition have been at it again.  Just like Breivik in Oslo, now another useful idiot, Brenton Tarrant in Christchurch, has murdered ordinary people who were just living their lives, and by his actions, any criticism of globalisation and the dilution of cultural homogeneity, can be labelled as hateful and an incitement to violence.  In New Zealand, gun control is set to be achieved, even though the terrorist had illegally acquired the weapons he used to slaughter his victims.  If he was sincerely hoping to start a race war, then he has failed (thankfully), but he has succeeded in giving more power to the state at the expense of ordinary people.  With scum like Tarrant, the result is always the same - people die, and the state uses the massacre as an excuse to take away peoples' freedoms.

Tarrant and Breivik are extreme cases.  What we need to be aware of is those who LARP at being nazis, white supremacists, racial holy warriors, white jihadis and all the rest of the lunatic labels the clinically insane wannabe political terrorists cling to.

I do not wish to write about the sickening creature, Tarrant, and in any case, the excellent Anon of Aangirfan has beaten me to it at:

I have written about Breivik, and my position on that vile murderer is very clear:

What I would like to look into now, is the crowd of sad hobbyists who idolise the likes of Breivik and Tarrant, and how all of us need to steer well clear of these idiots, who only help to undermine our freedoms, and in doing so, are indistinguishable from planted agents provocateur - and in many cases that is what they are...

Have a look at the following picture:

Does it mean anything to you?

It is a picture of the former EDL supporter,  BNP Youth activist, then National Action speaker, Jack Renshaw.

To me though, the picture has a more personal meaning.  The reason for this is that I was sat at the same table as Jack Renshaw in the pub in Bradford when that picture was taken.  I remember at the time, thinking how unusual the design of the dividing wall behind Jack was.  I will not name the pub, because it was just a pub that a group of us went to after going to a Yorkshire Forum event, and it was in no way connected with the event, or any of the people at our table.  So before any irate antifa types take it upon themselves to attack the pub, know that the pub is a family pub, and had the bar staff known who was at that table, they would have refused service.

So how did I find myself in the company of Jack Renshaw in the pub where the picture was taken?

I had been along to a Yorkshire Forum event - this was back on the 6th February, 2016.  The meeting was of the usual format - with speeches, tables of literature, a bar and buffet. The numbers were not high, but the range of organisations present was. I went along as myself, representing no organisation.  I recall a speaker calling himself Dave Yorkshire, who claimed to come from Mytholmroyd, but who couldn't pronounce the name properly! His speech would have been good to record for nights when sleep is evasive!  Other speakers were interesting, but the one who stood out was...Jack Renshaw.

He spoke on behalf of National Action - an organisation which would be banned by the UK government later that year - and if I had known that a representative of NA was going to be there, I would not have been!

His speech was cringe-worthy.  It has been accurately reported that he stated the following:

"Hitler was right in many senses but you know where he was wrong? He showed mercy to people who did not deserve mercy....As nationalists we need to learn from the mistakes of the national socialists and we need to realise that, no, you do not show the Jew mercy."

What has not been reported is that he called for the extermination of the Jewish People down to the very last one. There was a Jewish man present - who in those circles is referred to as 'Ivan the Yid' - and Renshaw made a point of telling him directly that if he had the chance, he would have him killed!

I was horrified at what I heard.  I expected that with such obvious incitement to murder coming from the stage, there must be a police agent in the room recording what Renshaw was saying.  I was surprised that the doors did not open and police pour in to arrest everyone present for participating in an event in which a crime was being commited.  Renshaw has since been prosecuted and imprisoned, so the presence of a police informant may well have been real.  I would of course be indulging in speculation as to whether the student age lads there might have been 'grasses', or perhaps a more seasoned suspect such as jailbird and potential rapist Simon Sheppard.  Who knows?

I have exposed Sheppard on this site.  For a view as to his character, have a look at these links (and especially the comments in the one from 2009):
There were more damning articles, but sadly I took them down after objections by top level activists.  I should have left them in situ, but sadly they are no more.  I have moved on from the days when I would censor myself to protect the 'movement'.  The  so-called movement has to sort itself out, and if it tolerates filth in its midst, it is a part of the problem, and needs to be taken down.

Anyway, back to the LARPers.  We know who they are - Radio hosts who are obsessed with a bullshit ideology in which the Zionist 'master race' ceases to be Jewish and becomes 'Aryan', with the Bible backing up that nonsense and all the crimes in that book suddenly becoming divinely ordained and pride worthy!  People such as Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer who trawls the internet for BAME criminality, but painstakingly ignores the criminals on his own site. Hypocrisy plagues the far-right.  Idolising people who live lifestyles which contradict their own message, is simply stupid.  When the reason for idolising others boils down to a juvenile joy in hearing people use terms of abuse, such as referring to children of African descent as 'niglets', that stupidity becomes unfathomable.

So, what is to be done?  I broke with the organised supremacists years ago.   I spoke out against National Action before they were banned:
Taking a step back allowed me to see the mess of the totally compromised far-right, with its mixture of paid state agents (including undercover police), mentally unstable alcoholics/drug addicts, low-life losers, hobbyists and dangerous cranks.  The few good people involved risk their personal safety, and their liberty by associating with people who are only ever a pint away from inviting police attention through acts of provocation and/or outright stupidity.  We don't need to put ourselves at risk.  We can stand strong with friends, with family, looking out for each other, helping each other in real terms - giving physical and emotional support to others when in need.  The likes of NA, EDL, Tommy Robinson, Daily Stormer, racist Gab users, apologists for Brenton Tarrant are a gift to those who seek absolute control. Avoid them like the plague that they are. Build our communities, look after each other. The struggle is now really a struggle for survival. The cranks have never been any help, and will always be a weapon against us.  Make connections online to be sure, but make a difference in the real world - the only one that matters.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Don't follow the herd

by Mrs Rufus,

Voting for a certain political party exists to give the impression that choice and freedom are actually a part of everyday life. The fact is, ALL politicians are corrupt, and all have the exact same agenda. Each party lies in order to gain votes, however it seems that whichever party is destined to next be in power is broadcast more so than the other parties - posted on billboards and such to influence the easily brainwashed with promises these politicians do not intend to keep. But this is merely scratching the surface regarding the problems with corrupt governments.

The mentality of the majority is that the people in power simply cannot be corrupt, they are not capable of doing anything other than what is best, what is right for the country and it's inhabitants. This kind of bizarre ideology apparently rules out any chance of corruption in any government - because according to the 'controlled' masses, people in places of power would not be in that position unless they had the 'peoples' best interest at heart. One point I would like to make is that people with evil intentions, always attempt to apply for positions working in areas where they can satisfy their evil intentions - for example, paedophiles tend to work in jobs close to children - such as schools and priesthood etc. This is common knowledge. So why then is it so difficult for people to believe that a government could be corrupt? My belief is that the mind is very simple in that of the masses - we cannot think behind the smoke screen we are provided, mostly due to daily influences which form our opinions for us such as TV, Billboard advertisements, radio, newspapers etc.

Politicians are basically puppets, used as a scape goat to keep our attention diverted from our true rulers - the evil Zionists. In effect, our view of politicians is that they control what decisions are made in our country - therefore when things start to go wrong, or start to ruin lives who do we instantly blame? The face of the public, the government! In the very same sentence, many people will also say 'But what can we do', so basically people believe their votes count - yet also believe they have no control over any decisions the people they supposedly voted for make? How can such lunacy still be classed as freedom? Yet the brainwashed will always believe they are free because the cage is not a physical one, nor is it in anyway visible - the chains are both financial and mental. The reason people maintain such a passive attitude towards life as it is, is because of lithium in the water. Lithium is prescribed for manic depression - it is said to lesson anger, aggression and agitation, this keeps the masses placid as they're financially ruined, physically and mentally destroyed, poisoned, and enslaved by Zionist puppet masters. It keeps the people from questioning the dozens of new and ludicrous rules made daily, the destruction of language, and it keeps the masses from doing anything to stop this enslavement of mankind.

The idea of the politicians is to provide something to keep our attention, a flashy sign or billboard to focus our minds on the immediate problem, so we may never see what lies beyond this sign. Our Zionist rulers are very intelligent, they can see far beyond what our simple minds can even begin to process. Whereas we may only be able to think a few steps ahead of ourselves, they are constantly thing a hundred steps ahead of themselves. And because our brain capacity is so limited, we assume that every bodies brain capacity is just as limited. We seem only able to see in black and white regarding matters of great importance - we cannot see the many possible hints of colour because our minds cannot grasp such complexities. This is exactly what allows the Zionist puppet masters to have such control over everything. Not only that, but also they have many puppets who are happy to play a small part in the destruction of the world - for a price I dare say, money or maybe just the promise of life while the rest of the disposable humans are being wiped out.

The Zionist plan is to leave at most five hundred million people to live out their lives as slaves, and wipe the rest of the seven thousand million population out. This plan has been in action for some time now, and is already killing people in a slow and painful manner. It starts with poisonous chemicals being forced upon our fragile immune systems from birth, by way of vaccination - and continues with any medication we are prescribed in our lifetime, as well as the harmful chemicals found in food/water, and the sky (chem trails). Such chemicals and metals as - mercury, formaldehyde, aspartame, saccharin, sorbitol, fluoride etc, which cause brain damage, cancer and many other health problems. Here is a link to a list of diseases and symptoms linked to vaccinations:

Do some research to find out hidden dangers in food, water and vaccinations/all pharmacy medications - make sure that any food you consume is free from the above mentioned chemicals. Don't make the mistake of thinking such things would not be approved by the FDA if they were unsafe, or that any level of such things in food or drinks will be low therefore cannot be all that damaging - any level of these chemicals is very damaging, and YES the FDA would approve such dangerous things, and they do!

The biggest problems however are that people are not aware of the Zionist influence, and truly think they're free and have options, as well as the fact that they believe that this physical existence is the only reality. But in actual fact, the physical doesn't exist at all - take atoms for example the smallest form of matter, everything is made up of atoms. Atoms are hollow, which means nothing can be solid, nothing physical can truly exist in anything more than our imagination. Or more to the point, our perception of existence. This physical reality we see before us, is where other life forms meet, where we share the same confused perception of life - this is not natural. We live in this existence now because we were manipulated in to doing so, such an existence is easier to control, through fear, vanity, materialism, laws etc.

The relevance of the above mentioned reality would be that it ties in with what many fail to understand, our brain capacity is so limited, we are basically only able to see on in black and white - in terms of our level of intelligence and perception. Whereas our Zionist rulers can see far beyond what we have been trained to accept as reality, hence why such complex problems are difficult for the masses to grasp, although in some cases they wish to remain ignorant.

To go back to my original point, if we have these rather fruitless choices such as differing (in appearance only of course) political parties and votes, choices of 'set' (controlled) opinions (provided by TV, radio and political correctness), and more tedious choices such as which football team to support, which type of 'set' fashion to follow, which channel of TV propaganda to follow, which controlled personality to take on, or politically correct/incorrect opinion to take on etc. Such ineffectual decisions lead to the misconception of freedom - if the cage is not visible, we will not fight it! But in effect, once you break free from this indoctrination, the cage is visible - you can see the mental and financial cage. The control is apparent in the outrageous bills and taxes, the destruction of countries, the way people unwittingly regurgitate everything they hear, read and see on TV, radio and in newspapers. The chains are financial, the cage is mental!

Upon each election, the persuadable voters in their naivety, tend vote out the previously elected politician, relying on the next greatly pushed puppet to be a better and more trustworthy choice. And even though this repeats itself every election, mostly they remain unaware of this ongoing pattern. Some voters do realise that all politicians are as bad as each other, though they still vote because they are under the impression that their vote counts for something, because the vote represents freedom.

Every time a politician has served his/her purpose, a new party and politician is pushed - through advertising, or 'lying' as it is otherwise known! Every party has a slightly different angle, in destruction that is, one might be particularly bad destruction-wise working slightly faster towards our demise, and another may seem to take take take - then give a little bit back - if you get my meaning. They have different appearances, different ways of handling the position - which is all in the keeping of choices and freedom - the act has to be convincing. And that is all it is, an act! Every face in the eye of the public these days is an actor/actress - they put on a show, even when pretending to be themselves. Everything is scripted, every move planned. This is all part of corrupting your personality/choices - they're shaping who you are and what you think. The idea is to create a set group for each 'set' personality type so that these groups (which are somewhere further up police controlled) can be controlled, these people can be influenced and controlled. Such control allows our Zionist rulers to sway our actions, our decisions... which leads to us further reacting in the way they want and destroying the freedom we once had. Do not fall for the group stereotype ideology. Think for yourself. Be an individual not a sheep!

Thursday, 28 February 2019


By Jane Burgermeister

There is evidence that shows that there presently exists an international corporate criminal syndicate that, in violation of the RICO Act (18 USC sec 1961-1969), is intent upon embarking upon a cascading event of genocide within the United States, in the UK, and in other countries around the world, most likely in Autumn 2009/Winter2010, using as their weapon an enforced program of toxic vaccines after a deliberate release of a virus to spark a pandemic could immensely profit vaccine companies.

The toxic vaccinations, classified as bioweapons by the US and EU governments’ own regulations.

On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations (UN) declared, without adequate scientific evidence, resulting in much criticism from experts, a worldwide ‘Level 6 Pandemic, ’ so triggering laws that allow control over troops, law enforcement and health services to be transferred to the WHO and UN.

According to the International Health Regulations of 2005, which has been incorporated into legislation also in The International Partnership on Avian Influenza of 2005 of the USA and other country's national pandemic plans, the WHO and the UN become the controlling agencies of the US in the event of a declared Level 6 Pandemic, and are entitled to control of this country under martial law, with obvious implications for all of the above under the pretext of fighting a pandemic emergency.

Refusing a WHO-mandated vaccination has been criminalized; police can therefore use deadly force against “criminal suspects” refusing these vaccines.

Immediately following the an announcement by the WHO in July order mass vaccinations, all 194 countries that have signed the International Health Regulations, including the US, are obliged to give mass vaccinations and prepare for other measures such as quarantines, as and when mandated by the WHO.

Governments have begung preparing for forced mass vaccinations and quarantine; the United States, the UK and other countries may then be controlled via various international agreements and executive orders by the United Nations (UN) /World Health Organization (WHO), now in turn controlled by the abovementioned international corporate criminal syndicate;

There is evidence from a WHO Memo dated from 1972 that WHO describes a method for using injections/vaccines to kill people in three steps: first, by weakening the immune system; second, by injecting a huge dose of virus into the body, which the weakened immune system cannot fight; and third, by injecting an adjuvant that triggers a massive inflammatory reaction and a cytokine storm.
There is evidence that the swine flu vaccines mandated by WHO follow that same three-step process outlined in the aforementioned WHO memos, and so intentionally cause damage and death. It appears WHO is systematically concealing evidence of the deadliness of these vaccines, classified as bioweapons by US and EU regulators, in an act of fraudulent misrepresentation, to get the populations of these countries to take the vaccines of their own free will.

WHO was involved in nearly triggering a pandemic this winter in Austria, by supplying Baxter’s Austrian subsidiary with a H1N1 virus that Baxter then used to contaminate 72 kilos of vaccine material.

In February 2009, Baxter’s Austrian biomedical laboratories in Orth an der Donau manufactured and distributed 72 kilos of vaccine material contaminated with a H1N1 virus, to 16 laboratories in four countries, including Austria, so nearly triggering a pandemic, according to The Times of India.

The contaminated vaccine material consisted of a mixture of a seasonal H3N2 human influenza virus and the deadly H5N1 virus. By adding a virus of the type H5N1 to an ordinary flu virus of the type H3N2, Baxter produced a highly dangerous bioweapons.

A staff member of a subcontracted laboratory in the Czech Republic discovered this lethal contamination, when all animals they tested died from this vaccine, and th contamination ws reported to health authorities.

Since Baxter is obliged to use BSL 3 (Biosafety Level 3) precautions in its laboratories when handling the H1N1 virus (classified as a biological agent, BSL3 or 4 under EU regulations), such safeguards are in place as would make accidental contamination of ordinary influenza material with the dangerous H5N1 virus impossible. In other words, this deadly contamination and distribution was almost certainly due to criminal intent.

Thirty-six people had to be preventatively hospitalized in Austria and the Czech Republic because of their exposure to this vaccine-based contamination, underlining the danger of a pandemic.

This incident, that very nearly killed millions, was investigated by WHO, EU and Austrian health authorities only perfunctorily. This incident was neither investigated or reported upon by any of the mainstream media corporations controlled by the aforementioned international bank-based corporate criminal syndicate, which, via institutional investment firms such as Goldman Sachs, also owns Baxter International.

It was later revealed in Austrian parliamentary questions that this incident had been handled, not as a serious violation of biosecurity regulations as mandated by law, but as a minor offense against the Austrian veterinary code: a veterinarian was sent to the Austrian Baxter laboratory for a brief inspection together, with a representative from the department for human medicine. No action appears to have been taken, other than recommendations to tighten Austrian veterinary laws.

On April 28, 2009, a shipment of said deadly virus from a WHO/Baxter-affiliated laboratory in Mexico was released from a suspiciously atypical hazardous biomaterials container, allegedly by accident, on an intercity train bound for Geneva, Switzerland, exposing sixty-one passengers. Again, there has been no credible forensic investigation of this incident by the UN/WHO or Swiss/EU officials, and none of those exposed in this alleged bioaccident were ever properly treated for their exposure to this virus.
In spite of the scientific evidence that adjuvants are dangerous, WHO is specifically recommending the production and use of vaccines containing oil-based adjuvants in the planned mass vaccination campaign starting in September.

In a July 13 briefing note, WHO stated:

“In view of the anticipated limited vaccine availability at global level and the potential need to protect against "drifted" strains of virus, SAGE recommended that promoting production and use of vaccines such as those that are formulated with oil-in-water adjuvants and live attenuated influenza vaccines was important. ”

Adjuvants are added to vaccines to make them more “effective” and to reduce the amount of vaccine required per dose. This is induced by causing the immune system to react in a powerful, unnatural and potentially dangerous way to the presence of the virus being vaccinated against.

An adjuvant added to a high dose of virus causes a massive inflammatory reaction with a cytokine storm, followed by death.

Squalene, an oil-in-water adjuvant, is scientifically proven to be among the worst of the worst in terms of immune adjuvants, and is not approved by the FDA, yet it will be part of the swine flu vaccines Americans may be forced to take under the direction of the WHO. Squalene has already been implicated as one of the primary causes of Gulf War Syndrome, already afflicting many thousands of US military veterans.
In clinical trials for the swine flu vaccines that are currently underway, the NIAID/CDC is testing only vaccines without adjuvants, even though clinical trials are supposedly done to give an accurate picture of the vaccine that will be administered, not an exceptional case.

These swine flu vaccines will be developed, “tested, ” and shipped for mass distribution in a matter of weeks without adequate trials for safety;

Whereas an Emergency Use Authorization allows any company that gives experimental vaccines to Americans during a declared public health emergency to be protected from liability in case of injury to those vaccinated;

Executives from vaccine manufacturers were present as observers on key a key vaccine advisory board of WHO that formally recommended vaccinations.

The vaccine manufacturers are set to make huge profits from the sale of vaccines mandated by the WHO, especially as governments such as the US have given them a blanket immunity.

WHO refused to release minutes of a key meeting on

July 7, 2009, when its "vaccine advisory board" -- packed with transnational pharmaceutical corporation executives as observers -- recommended to WHO that it order forced vaccinations around the world using their vaccines, ensuring them vast profits.

The institutional investors and banks behind the WHO and these vaccine manufacturers are set to reap huge profits from the mass murder of Americans in terms of property and financial assets acquired.

Whereas Baxter patented a vaccine for the allegedly new "H1N1" virus in 2008.

WHO has made a unilateral declaration of pandemic level 6 on the basis of a relatively harmless H1 N1 influenza, manipulating data and so misusing a provision designed for a deadly plague, in order to declare a pandemic level 6 and acquire new emergency powers throughout the globe. Cases of H1N1 influenza have been relatively mild, requiring little or no medical intervention. And deaths from the H1N1 virus remain extremely low, at less than one half of one percent of reported cases as of July 6, 2009. There is no sign of the virus mutating to become more deadly.

Rapid tests have been shown to diagnose the H1N1 virus has been inaccurate nine times out of ten, casting doubt on the allegedly swift spread of this disease.

H1N1 has symptoms virtually indistinguishable from normal flu, and has never so far been isolated in a lab.

WHO altered its official definition of pandemic in 2003, being guilty thereby of manipulating. According to WHO’s present definition, a declaration of pandemic can be constantly maintained.

In fact, every year since 1918 would have been Pandemic Level 6 under the WHO's latest definition.

WHO also changed the definition again this spring, so as to be able to declare a pandemic based on the alleged spread of a disease, rather than based on lethality while discontinuing the use of accurate reporting standards for its incidence.

There is scientific evidence the Spanish Flu Pandemic was started by mass vaccinations of soldiers in 1918-1919;

A 1976 mass “swine flu” vaccination campaign in the USA had to be abandoned because more people died from the vaccines than the “swine flu” itself;

A recent WHO polio vaccination campaign in Nigeria has resulted in infection and a mutated polio virus crippling hundreds of people.

A criminal case has been filed against Baxter over the 72 kilos of contaminated vaccine material with the city state prosecutor in Vienna, Austria, resulting in a police investigation, and criminal charges filed with the FBI in the US.

There is is evidence that the corporate-controlled mainstream media whose supposed mission is to report on these events are owned by the same bank-based international criminal syndicate that has facilitated the exorbitant corporate welfare mandated and administered by the US government since September 2008 against the will, and at the extreme expense of, the American people during a massive collapse of the global financial system that members of this international criminal syndicate themselves have planned and implemented.
Further evidence of criminal intent: in 2006 Baxter distributed hemophiliac blood components that were contaminated with HIV virus and administered to tens of thousands of people, including thousands of children in Europe. Baxter continued to release the HIV-contaminated vaccine, even after this contamination was known.
Yet Baxter International is a key vaccine contractor now being used by the United States government in their current purchase of vaccines that it by executive order has mandated for the American people.
Further, in July 2009, US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius signed an executive order giving to Baxter International and all other US government influenza vaccine contractors legal immunity from prosecution or lawsuit for any possible injury done by their vaccines to American citizens.
As a result of the mass vaccination campaign, people around the world will suffer substantial and irreparable harm and injury if they are forced to take this toxic vaccine by force.

August 16, 2010
Jane Burgermeister Prepares to Make Submission to European Parliament on Her Case
I am preparing to make a submission to the European Parliament via the petition process about my case in Austria which could see me stripped of all my civic rights and put under a legal guardian on ludicrous grounds she cannot cope with her inheritance and blatantly false accusations from the judge.
I intend to document evidence that the current Justice Minister Claudia Bandion Ortner was informed by me in an email about the criminal charges I filed against Baxter in April 2009. These charges initiated an investigation by the state prosecutor into the incident involving the contamination of 72 kilos of seasonal flu vaccine material with the bird flu virus by Baxter in Orth an der Donau.
The investigation was dropped in September 2009 in spite of the fact that a global bird flu pandemic could have been triggered and the existence of biosafety level 3 regulations virtually rules out an accidental contamination.
Bandion-Ortner is also fully informed about the way judges in Vienna are making verifiably false accusations in connection with my inheritance, which has no debts or problems, just  in order to put me under a legal guardianship and silence me, but she has done nothing to stop this obvious crime as is her duty before the law.
The Nuremberg Judges Trial — whose principles are still enshrined in law — obliges judges and ministers to step in to stop political persecution of the kind I am suffering.
Bandion-Otner has been accused by the local media of intervening to stop investigations into the Hypo-Niederösterreich and slowing down the Buwog investigations for political reasons. So, there is ample evidence she steps in when it suits her Bilderberg banker friends.
She was allegedly offered the job of Justice Minister by the head of Raiffeisen Christian Konrad. Interestingly, Bandion-Ortner refused to answer parliamentary questions on her meeting with the bank boss in a restaurant in Vienna.
I plan to document how the Austrian justice system is being used as a brutal instrument to persecute me simply because I drew attention to the pharmaceutical company’s role in triggering and profiting from pandemics. This corruption is a danger to all Austrians and all people in Europe.
The issue has to be raised whether the Austrian justice system is, in fact, so corrupt that it has become a danger to humanity. The OSCE recently called Austria an “oasis of corruption.”
The near triggering of a global  bird flu pandemic on its territory is not investigated by Austrian judges  - but myself who blowed the whistle finds myself on the verge of being stripped of my rights based on the ludicrous and  false accusations of judges when the European human rights convention guarantees me a fair hearing and the right to freedom and security.

For her important work Jane Bürgermeister needs your support!
You can use and adapt her documents for criminal charges you can bring forward in your own country/area.
If you want to support Jane financially - she just lost her job as international correspondent caused by her charges  -  then down below you will find her banking account details.
A little contribution 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or more Dollars/Euro will help her continue her fight!

Jane Burgermeister Distances Herself from TheFluCase Website
Jane Burgermeister was born in Switzerland of an Irish mother and an Austrian father. She is a dual Irish/Austrian national and lives in Vienna, Austria.
With an MA Honours degree from Edinburgh University, Scotland, she has written for Nature, the British Medical Journal, The Scientist, Reuters Health, and The Guardian among other publications.
She was European Correspondent for the website of Renewable Energy World, a position from which she was suddenly dismissed in July 2009 after filing a series of criminal charges against Baxter, WHO and others.
She started up the birdflu666 blog to alert people about the fact that Baxter had contaminated 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the bird flu virus in an Austrian lab in February 2009, nearly sparking a global bird flu pandemic, according to the Times Of India.
Shortly after that episode, the swine flu broke out in Mexico in April 2009, and she covered these developments on her bird flu blog, then switching to the website after Johan Niklasson offered to set one up.
Her view that this was artificially blown up pandemic have, in the meantime, been vindicated by investigations by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE), and in a number of parliaments, also the French national assembly.
She has distanced herself from the flu case website after the webmaster Johan Niklasson put up a report called “10 K list” advocating mindless violence and also removed her log in.
In addition, the flu case website went down for three weeks during April 2010 and the Smolensk plane crash, and Niklasson has never been able to adequately explain why.
Whether we look at the false pandemics, the financial crisis, the Gulf oil spill — potentially the biggest catastrophe of all – we see the same corporate interestes at work.
For the first time ever, the annual meeting of the secretive Bilderberg group in Sitges in Spain was covered by elements in the mainstream media.
What used to count as a “conspiracy theory” is increasingly being recognised as the truth as the corporate media loses its stranglehold.
Unable to shut down her website, an Austrian judge is now trying to put her under a court guardianship on the grounds she is a “conspiracy theorist” and a danger to herself, moving swiftly after Burgermeister found evidence of massive manipulation of patient’s records and court files in Hietzing hospital and Hietzing court.
But so far, the proverbial luck of the Irish has been on her side.
For all pandemic charges check out:
If you wish to donate, you can do so by sending money via Western Union or by a bank transfer:
For Western Union, please send me an email with the MCTN code at
For a bank transfer, please send to:
Jane Buergermeister (Jane Bürgermeister)
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Account number: 152 115 33300
Swift code: 12 000
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Zielland Österreich/Austria

Investigative Journalists Face Intense, New Persecution in Europe
By Jane Burgermeister
I am just one of many investigative journalists, who is being persecuted in Austria and Germany in the last few weeks as Christine Cote details in her letter to justice officials in Austria on July 4th (see translation below).
A troubling pattern is emerging in Europe of a crack down on anyone who criticises government policies, including, artificially engineered pandemics, wasteful vaccine campaigns, contrived financial crashes and debt mountains and plans for a world war three.
Polish investigative journalist Rafal Gawronski has to spend 45 days in prison without even being sentenced for any crime at all. He was not allowed to use a phone for two weeks. His family and supporters have only just been able to find out where he is after he was arrested for “slander” outside the President’s Palace in Warsaw – and simply because he reports the facts about the mysterious Smolensk plane crash incident.
Natascha Koch, Rainer Hoffmann and Christine Persch are other internet bloggers who have faced or are facing persecution, detention and arrest in Austria and Germany in the last few weeks.
As Christine Cote points out in her letter to Judge Lauer, I am also the victim of an attempt to misuse the laws on legal guardianship to detain me and strip me of all my rights simply because I have criticised the overhyped swine flu pandemic and vaccination campaign.
Parallel to manipulating files and making false accusations that I am incapable of handling my inheritance that are supposed to justify the need for a legal guardianship, the Austrian corruption state prosecutor has been caught red-handed faking criminal charges to bury my own criminal charges.
My criminal charges filed on Friday July 23rd offer documented proof that the accusations of Judge Lauer are false, and are up on the Wake News website for everyone to see. But clearly, the Austrian government is not hooked into the internet age and believe it can steamroll on.
To block a proper investigation into this shocking incident, the corruption state prosecutor Katja Wallenschewski even invented fake charges.
She sent me a letter on July 27th  informing me that criminal charges filed by Heiner Lohmann and Christine Cote had been dropped. Shortly afterwards, Heiner Lohmann and Christine Cote contacted me after they heard about the case on the internet to say they never filed any criminal charges. They had, in fact, protested my persecution as well as the persecution of others, and such a letter can never be turned into a criminal charges by a state prosecutor, especially not then when there was absolutely no investigation and they were dropped within days after I filed my charges.
By cynically turning a protest letter into illusory criminal charges, and dropping those fake charges at top speed without investigating just two working days after I filed charges, the prosecutor had an excuse to drop my own charges, giving hard evidence proving the lie after lie of the judge, and continue to hound me, discredit me and eventually detain me.
In addition, if these fake charges – (I have asked to see the files to find out what these charges are)  – that go under my name also give the impression of mental instability I can be arrested and detained at any moment if  there is also a staged threat and I am accused of it.
This is the set up which was used to detain Austrian  blogger Natascha Koch a few weeks ago.
In my own case, the webmaster of the, Johan Niklasson, also posted an inflammatory report inciting people to mindless violence called the “10,000 list” on July 4th while blocking my access. It was just up long enough for screenshots to be taken and for the website to be classified as a terrorist site.
I had moved back to my birdflu666 blog early in June and so was able to distance myself from the report. It was clear to me that Niklasson was sabotaging the site when it went down for three weeks in April and May. It turns out Niklasson had himself cancelled the site. Instead of renewing the domain name as requested, Niklasson closed down the flucase website this week. I refused to take over the domain name now that the website is classified as a terrorist website.
My case shows just how easy it is to slip into a spider’s web of false accusations and lies put out by the authorities and the corporate minions.
If they can do this to me, they can do it to anyone. No one is safe from judges making up lies, manipulating files, and  inventing fake charges as an excuse to detain someone.
A screen shot from a website like the flu case can be slipped into anyone’s file. Anyone who gets in the way of governments can be tarred a terrorist and face the lock down of their bank accounts and even imprisonment.
Especially, under new terrorism laws, people can be detained for the flimsiest of reasons in the USA and Europe.
It is one minute to midnight. The people of the USA and Europe are being pressured to take ever more inadequately tested and damaging vaccines – and the punishment for spreading facts about vaccines is becoming ever more draconian.
It is time to say stand up and take back control of our health and our lives and our governments by voting in honest people.
The US Constitution makes it a duty to resist tyrannical government. The EU Convention on Human Rights upholds our right to freedom and security also from tyrannical government.
The legal principles formulated during the  Nuremberg Trials of top Nazis, including Nazi doctors and judges, also makes it a  duty to resist totalitarian governments. These legal principles are still binding in Germany today. Only a parliamentary vote can overturn them.
Germans today need to start to resist the totalitarian elements in their government, in the EU and WHO and the UN and fight for freedom and justice as is their right and also their duty, flowing from the legal principles crystalised during the Nuremberg Trials which are still the law of Germany today.

August 11, 2010
WHO Reveals Flu Advisors With Financial Ties to Pharma, Vaccine Manufacturers
By Mike Adams
After months of stalling, the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally revealed the names of key pandemic advisors who influenced its decision to declare a phase six pandemic last year -- a decision that resulted in a financial windfall for vaccine manufacturers. As you'll see here, that list includes at least five expert advisors received money from vaccine companies.
Here's who received money from Big Pharma and then influenced the WHO decision to declare a pandemic:
Arnold Monto is a professor from the United States who has received money from virtually all the major vaccine manufacturers: GSK, Novartis, Roche, Baxter and Sanofi Pasteur. He has specifically been given grant money by Sanofi Pasteur to study influenza vaccines.
Nancy Cox works for the US Centers for Disease Control, which already maintains a pro-vaccine stance while utterly ignoring the importance of vitamin D in halting infectious disease. Nancy took funds from the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) to conduct work on vaccines.
John Wood works at Britain's National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC). They've taken money from Sanofi Pasteur, Novartis and several other companies focused on influenza vaccine research.
Maria Zambon is a professor at the UK Health Protection Agency Centre for Infection. She has received money from Sanofi, Novartis, CSL, Baxter and GSK.
Neil Ferguson is also a professor, and he has accepted money from Roche and GSK Biologicals.
There may be more to this story, too: The financial ties explained here are merely the ones that these people chose to publicly disclose to WHO. There may yet be other ties that currently remain a secret and will have to be dug up by some determined reporter...
What's the problem with financial ties, anyway?
Why does it matter that WHO advisors took money from vaccine companies? It's simple: The decision to declare H1N1 swine flu to be a phase 6 pandemic was made by the WHO under advisement from these very people who received money from vaccine companies. And that decision, we now know, resulted in a windfall of profits for the vaccine companies.

Those profits, in turn, were burdened by the taxpayers whose expenditures were largely worthless because a huge portion of those vaccines are now expiring and have to be destroyed. The money was wasted, in other words.

It all has the makings of a grand global con: The WHO enlists advisors with financial ties to the vaccine industry to decide whether a pandemic is under way and then conveniently follows their advice in making a decision that many health experts around the world have been questioning from the start. It all has the appearance of medical corruption, and it looks like WHO decisions are based more on politics than medical science.

It was politically convenient, in other words, to declare a stage six pandemic. And if these WHO advisors have already received money from vaccine manufacturers, it's certainly within the realm of possibility that they would soon be financially rewarded with yet more payoffs. (You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours...)
The appearance of corruption
The unfortunate upshot of all this is that even if these WHO advisors are completely innocent, their financial ties still create the appearance of corruption. And that means the WHO is losing credibility that may compromise its integrity when a real pandemic comes along. If the world can't trust the World Health Organization, in other words, then who should countries look to for real answers on pandemics and infectious disease?

Sadly, even the CDC in the US has now clearly positioned itself as an "anti-nutrition, pro-vaccine" organization, too. Ignoring the huge importance of vitamin D and the support of the human immune system, many CDC experts have also either been on the payrolls of vaccine manufacturers or are looking to join Big Pharma when offered a job. The former head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, was recently offered a position as the president of Merck's vaccine division.
The frustrating fact is that modern medicine has been subverted by Big Pharma. The vaccine industry practically runs the CDC and WHO -- or at the very least, it heavily influences decisions by these two organizations. As a result, the so-called "scientific" decisions made by these organizations have very little to do with actual science but everything to do with protecting (and expanding) the profits of vaccine manufacturers.

And when public health policy is decided based on corporate profits, the people will always suffer.

Did you notice that the list of WHO advisors did not include even a single naturopathic physician? Not a single holistic nutritionist? There was nobody on the board that brought a pro-nutrition point of view to the discussions. And you know why nutritionists and naturopaths weren't invited to join the WHO advisory board? Because the WHO has already pre-decided it doesn't want to hear those points of view. It has stubbornly decided to entertain only vaccines as the solution to virtually all infectious disease.

And if you only invite vaccine pushers to the table, guess what kind of advice you're going to get? "Push more vaccines!"

Asking a bunch of vaccine experts whether you should declare a pandemic is sort of like asking your insurance agent whether you need more insurance. Well of course you do!

No wonder the WHO has lost so much credibility. It refuses to look at real solutions that might work for poor nations (such as low-cost vitamin D supplements) while strongly favoring the high-profit operations of the vaccine industry. That's why the WHO simply can't be trusted anymore. It has now become a pawn of the pharmaceutical industry that will always make decisions that favor the financial interests of Big Pharma.

CDS Pressures all Americans to Get New Flu Jab with Swine Flu Virus

August 12, 2010
Flu Vaccine Arriving, Get Yours ASAP
‘Flu Ends with U’ Campaign Starts in September
It may still be late summer, but this year’s flu vaccine already is arriving — and the CDC wants you to get yours right away.
That “you” means “everybody.” For the first time, the seasonal flu vaccine is recommended for all men, women — including pregnant women — and children over age 6 months. Exceptions include only those allergic to eggs or those with other health issues that make vaccination unwise.
And there will be plenty of vaccine out there. Manufacturers tell the CDC they’ll have 170 million doses on hand. They’ve already begun shipping the vaccine across the nation.

Swine Flu Jabs to be Repackaged as Seasonal Flu Jabs, Reports FT
Swine flu pandemic vaccines are to be given to people as seasonal flu jabs in Europe and the USA from autumn, according to a report in the Financial Times.
The FT’s Andrew Jack says that the gigantic surplus stocks of inadequately tested swine flu jabs with adjuvants are to be incorporated into the upcoming seasonal flu jab.
Governments are sitting on millions of jabs after they were rejected by tens of millions of people in Europe and the USA over safety concerns.
„If the drug companies see disappointing sales ahead, they have one compensation: modest cost savings through the use of surplus bulk stocks of H1N1 antigen prepared for the pandemic vaccine they can divert into their seasonal flu products,” Jack writes on June 28th.
In a report on the swine flu vaccination campaign for the Council of Europe, UK MP Paul Flynn last week concluded that billions of pounds of tay payer’s money was wasted around the world on buying vaccines and drugs to fight a swine flu “pandemic that never was”.
“They [WHO] frightened the whole world with the possibility that a major plague was on the way,” said Flynn.
“The result of that was that the world spent billions and billions of pounds on vaccines and anti-virals that will never be used. It is huge waste of money.”
A review of the mass swine flu campaign is also being conducted by the French parliament.
But it seems the swine flu jabs have not gone away.
The WHO says the H1N1 pandemic swine flu virus has displaced other seasonal flu viruses, and has recommended it should be one of three strains in the vaccine for the coming winter flu season in Europe and the USA and Asia.
The vaccine is already being used in Australia and has sparked significant safety fears.
Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jim Bishop, called on June 11th for doctors to stop giving the new seasonal flu vaccine to children five years and under because so many had to be hospitalised following the jab. There were even deaths reported in Western Australia.
The FT’s Andrew Jack notes growing awareness of the lack of safety data on the swine flu jab and the lax controls when it comes to pharmacovigilance has made people more reluctant to take flu jabs, hurting the profits of pharmaceutical companies.
“European scepticism towards flu vaccines has left drug companies braced for flat sales across the EU this winter, in spite of the heightened profile and continued threat of infection caused by the pandemic over the past year,” he writes.
“Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis, the world’s largest vaccine makers, are all predicting no rise in demand across the EU, while expecting greater uptake in the US, bringing their estimated collective annual sales of flu vaccines over this year and last to more than $6bn.”
A panel advising the CDC has recommended almost all Americans be obliged to new flu jab this autumn, but Jack indicates that Europeans could also soon face pressure to take the new jab.
“A lower uptake in Europe will spark fresh debate over whether the EU needs to strengthen measures to protect its citizens against flu,” writes Jack.
“Andrin Oswald, head of vaccines at Novartis, said: “I’m a bit concerned that there is scepticism towards flu vaccines in some countries in Europe,” writes Jack.

August 14, 2010
Dr David Kelly Was on a Hitlist, Says UN Weapons Expert as Calls Grow for Full Inquest
By Miles Goslett and Arthur Martin
A leading UN weapons inspector last night added his voice to the growing clamour for a full inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.
Dr Richard Spertzel claimed Dr Kelly was on a ‘hitlist’ in the final years of his life.
The former head of the UN Biological Section, who worked closely with Dr Kelly in Iraq in the 1990s, has written to Attorney General Dominic Grieve about the ‘mysterious circumstances’ surrounding the death.
The weapons inspector’s body was found after he was unmasked as the source of a damaging BBC news report questioning the grounds for the Iraq war.
Officially, he took his own life.
Yesterday Dr Spertzel told the Mail that the British authorities were ‘intentionally ignoring’ the issue.
He believes that there is something ‘fishy’ and insisted that a coroner should examine the death as soon as possible.
He said he and Dr Kelly were told that they were 'numbers three and four' on the list during an inspection trip in Iraq.
'When it first happened I felt right away that David just being associated with the work he'd been doing for the UK government would have made him a high target,' Dr Spertzel said.
Inquest call: Dr Richard Spertzel Claims He and Dr Kelly Were on a Hitlist
The inquiry ruled that the 59-year-old committed suicide in woodland near his Oxfordshire home in July 2003 by cutting the ulnar artery in his wrist with a blunt pruning knife.
Dr Spertzel, who is based in Washington where he continues to write and lecture on biological weapons, said: 'My concern about David Kelly's death is exactly what the doctors are saying now - that is, it's virtually impossible to commit suicide by slashing your wrist in that way.
'It just doesn't make sense. It seems to me that they [the British authorities] are intentionally ignoring all this. Something's fishy.'
Yesterday some of the doctors who wrote to ministers demanded an end to the shroud of secrecy over the death.
They want the official post-mortem results to be made public and for witnesses to give evidence under oath.
Concern over the cause of death has been mounting after it emerged in January that all medical and scientific records, including the post-mortem report and photographs of the body, were secretly classified for 70 years in 2004.
Sir Barry Jackson, past president of the British Academy of Forensic Science and one of the doctors who wrote to ministers, said yesterday: 'In my experience from 30 years as a practising surgeon I find it difficult to agree with the cause of death as listed on his death certificate.'
Another, Dr Elizabeth Driver, a solicitor and Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, added: 'As a pathologist I cannot understand how Dr Kelly could have died from blood loss of a severed ulnar artery. It makes no medical sense. Little is known about the medical facts because the post-mortem has been kept secret.
'There are obvious questions which were not addressed in the inquiry.'
Doubts over the official version of his death have previously been raised by Mai Pederson, a U.S. Air Force linguist who served in Iraq with Dr Kelly's weapons inspection team.
She said he had a painful elbow injury which meant his hand was too weak to cut a steak.
He would have to have been a 'contortionist' to have killed himself in the way the Hutton Inquiry claimed, she said.
She also said he had a disorder that made it difficult to swallow pills, undermining Lord Hutton's claims that he took some himself.

August 28, 2009
By Dr.Ryke Geerd Hamer
Yesterday, 27 August 2009, I was giving an introductory talk about German New Medicine (GNM) near Vienna, Austria. My wife was with me and about 40 listeners. At the end as part of the discussion the swine flu was mentioned and a lady got up and declared the following:
A friend of hers works for a pharmaceutical company in Vienna and told her that the swine flu injection needles indeed contain nano particles in their very tip, which cannot be detected with the naked eye but are clearly visible with as little as a 12 times magnifying microscope like children’s toy microscopes. The staff of the pharmaceutical company was advised that these nano particles work in the human body like a motherboard in the computer and lots of data can be stored on it, which will make cash cards obsolete. This measure was also intended to do an accurate census and to protect babies, as many mothers would simply “discard” their newborn, without knowledge of the authorities.
This lady further disclosed that she was working in the medical field. She had asked a lawyer who came to her as a patient, how it was possible to avoid being chipped. He told her that he was aware of the planned chipping of the population; in fact most upper class members of society were aware of this plan. For this year no forced vaccinations were planned but to rather encourage people through the media to volunteer for the jab.
In case too few would come forward, forced vaccination was planned for next year. Exempt from those were certain professional groups like the police, medical personal, politicians etc. Being a lawyer, he knew ways for himself to avoid the jab, but for the majority of the population there was no escape.
August 26, 2009
Interview with Dr Gert Hamer (GNM) by Helmut Pilhar (Engineer)
Hamer: Within a few days our worst fears were indeed superseded by this cruel reality.
Pilhar: Geerd, are you talking about the $1000 fine and 30 day arrest threats for refusal to take the vaccination in the U.S.?
Hamer: Yes, but the objectors (death chip resistants are traitors) are not going to be put into normal prisons but in especially prepared concentration camps of which 100s have been prepared all over the country. And you can leave those only by getting chipped. And once you are outside it is open season through the death chip. By chance these people are then going to drop dead like flies after their release.
Pilhar: Are you talking about the beginning of the great population cull?
Hamer: It can only mean that. Otherwise it does not make any sense to get the military and the police involved, threaten with such draconian penalties, all just to get the people to participate in a simple seasonal flu shot campaign. It just does not make any other sense. Apart from the fact that there cannot even be a vaccination like that. You vaccinate in October (northern autumn) for the next summer. That is totally laughable. With Tamiflu you can maybe suppress typical healing phase symptoms for 2-3 weeks and even that is totally brainless in the light of GNM.
Pilhar: It is noteworthy that in the U.S. there are literally many 500K plastic coffins stock piled. What for? And apart from that the population has been systematically stripped of weapons and protective dogs.
Hamer: You can best understand what the intent is by what is NOT talked about. One may talk about the vaccination, but nobody mentions the chip implanting by name. That is really strange because the chipping is the obvious issue in the face of these massive governmental measures. And that the Hitachi chip works and can be combined with the death chip we already talked about during the last interview.
The same can be seen in how my GNM (German New Medicine) fared. For 28 years one was only allowed to discuss Hamer, the “Unperson”, but not whether GNM actually works and whether its claims are repeatable, and can be proven to work, in spite of 30 verified published results. The same applies to Tamiflu! There are endless discussions about Tamiflu causing harm but none about the chip. Of course, Tamiflu is harmful, it is a poison. It is also very damaging in the healing process or in the vagotonic phase of a pregnancy (last trimester). But the death chip adds a whole new dimension. That this death chip is going to be used without concern can be seen in the fact that chemo and morphine have been used without concern in spite of final mortality rates of 98%, while 98% could have survived with GNM. Imagine the unscrupulousness of all oncologists, as they are fully aware that GNM adds up from a scientific perspective and works
Pilhar: It is also very strange that the Americans have created this Marshall Law, under which critics can be easily removed by the 1000s and millions. And once you have chipped the people they cannot run away from you anymore.
Hamer: It is obvious that this chip battle has been under preparation for many years. The idiotic swine flu, that does not even really exist, was actually the wrong tool: 3 dead pigs and one child, dead from who knows what, with that they lied and constructed a worldwide pandemic into existence. But it goes to show what a well organized world press is able to achieve: They can turn a mole hill into a mountain.
Pilhar: It started with the AIDS lie, then followed the BSE lie. After the 9/11 lie followed the Anthrax lie. Then it was the Bird Flu lie, now it is the Swine Flu lie. Next year we’ll have the Mice Flu lie. It all points to the “Endloesung”, the final solution. When everybody has a chip then that will constitute the complete slavery, then everybody can be manipulated and assassinated arbitrarily.
Hamer: First they jump on the babies and the pregnant women. They are first to be treated with chips and Tamiflu. Many of the pregnant women in their last trimester are going to lose their babies, because Tamiflu is totally toxic. But also the women themselves can die, as their bodies are vagotonic during the last trimester. It is a known fact that during vagotonia one flu shot or one morphine injection can be deadly.
In the meantime there seems to be some panic in the U.S. Where in the world can you flee to, people are asking themselves, where will you not be forcibly injected with the death chip and have one free moment away from your enemies?
One has to consider realistically what it would be like to carry this death chip and know that any day you can simply be switched off by the Centre in Tel Aviv. You are completely defenceless against that and complaining won’t do you any good: “If I only had known…” Therefore it is really important for the ruling class to keep the people in the dark about it as long as possible.
Once the slaves have the death chip implanted they are allowed to know about it. Then they will be like trained poodles. Nobody will dare to speak up. It will be like among the Masonic brethren. Everybody knows that the moment he utters a word of dissent, he will be served poison in the coffee by the always Jewish Grand Master and won’t survive another day. The whole world is going to be a concentration camp full of slaves, except for the members of one religious group. To have the death chip implanted is the potential personal death sentence at any given time.
How naive do you have to be to demand of Mossad and the CIA to disclose what their real intentions are, “to table the facts”? The mouse never believes the cat will come.
In a company with several 100 staff, which produces, or better fills the injection needles for the chip vaccination, it will only need 1 or 2 “reliable” people to insert the chip at the end. Then all the other workers can confirm that they knew nothing. This is called “quality control” and “final check” and appears completely normal.
Strange is too that every single chip vaccination needle has its own individual code number, which is added to the ID number. Why else would the silly “summer flu shot” needle have its own individual number and why should the passport accompany the supposed flu vaccination? And why do the Americans not want to let anybody into the country who does not have a chip?
Pilhar: The “Club of Rome” declared in the 70s in 1 of their publications (possibly in Mankind at the Turning Point ) in effect that either the birth rate would have to be reduced or the death rate increased. The Max Planck Institute believes that the world population must be reduced to 2B people.
In the U.S. there is the so called “American Stonehenge“, a message engraved in 100 ton granite blocks, that the world population has to be reduced to 500M people, to reach an “Era of Reason”.
When you look at the supposed issue of “overpopulation” it is interesting to note that apparently the State of Texas alone could feed all 6B people. If 1 piled those 6B bodies with an avg. wt. of 80kg and a vol. of 80 liters on top and side by side of each other in a cube shape, the sides of this cube would be only 800 meters long. In Austria we could hide such a cube in the next valley.
I don’t believe in the so called “overpopulation” but rather suppose that the globalization fanatics don’t need 6B work slaves and therefore want to reduce the population to 1/10th
Hamer: Helmut, you were right when you said during our last interview on 13 August 2009: “Once they have accomplished that, they have won.” Therefore the German New Medicine had to be suppressed, because if this awareness and knowledge had been common place they could not have done it. “Lewwer duad üs Slaav!” Rather dead than slave! (from Pidder Lueng, by Detler von Liliencron).
Cheers to the GNM, the New Biological Medicine and a world view of freedom and truth for us all.

October 16, 2009
Could a "Swine Flu" Jab Nanochip Interact with Heavy Metals to Allow Others to Control your Emotions?
By Jane Burgermeister
I am not an expert in biophysics by any means, but someone who is qualified in this field proposed the idea that a nanochip in a "swine flu" vaccine could interact with heavy metals such as mercury and aluminium, also in that same vaccine in large quantities, to turn your body into a type of receiver for electromagnetic waves.

These electromagnetic waves sent at certain frequencies from various points (HAARP facilities?) could activate the heavy metals inside your body, influence biochemical and physical components and alter your emotions.

In short, electromagnetic waves could be sent out by the WHO/UN controllers to create mass aggression, hysteria, depression etc.

I am not sure what to make of this theory - but one thing is for sure: I am not taking this vaccine even if it is a Baxter jab without mercury and adjuvants.

I am 99.99 per cent convinced a nanochip will be a part of the injection, and I don't want to be tracked for the rest of my life.

RFID manufacturers were among the very first to vist the online documents concerning the criminal charges in April against Baxter for contaminating 72 kilos , as it turned out, of vaccine material with the live bird flu virus.

I learned of the interest from RFID manufacturers along with banks etc from Detlev Hegeler of Wake News who has the know-how to decipher the IP addresses of people who visit websites.

But many credible sources say there will be a nanochip in this vaccine, and indeed, the WHO/UN has created the infrastructure for electronic surveillance via a nanochip already.

August 29, 2009
$1000 Per Day Fine And 30 Days In Jail For Refusing The Swine Flu Vaccine In Massachusetts?
A new law just passed in Massachusetts imposes fines of up to $1000 per day and up to a 30 day jail sentence for not obeying authorities during a public health emergency. So if you are instructed to take the swine flu vaccine in Massachusetts and you refuse, you could be facing fines that will bankrupt you and a prison sentence on top of that.
The YouTube video below is of a news report about this disturbing new law. In particular, pay attention at the 1:40 mark when the anchor and reporter discuss the new penalties for not obeying the health authorities during an emergency...
Quarantine or $1000 a day fine for refusing the vaccine
Note From Sylvia:  See the video on this site for better quality.
If you have not realized it yet, the controversy over swine flu vaccinations is about to get very, very real. The authorities know that a lot of people are extremely concerned about the safety of the swine flu vaccine, and they are putting the infrastructure in place to deal with those dissenters.
Let us hope that the worst case scenario with the swine flu does not take place, but the reality is that health authorities across the United States are gearing up for the biggest vaccination campaign in the nation's history. It looks like this fall could be very, very interesting.

Jane Burgermeister – The Polish Plane Crash Conspiracy
Reader’s Comment:
Thanks for sharing this video. I consider the work of Jane highly and remember her research around the SF challenge. This disaster needs further focus of investigation and listening to what Jane summarizes, makes a lot of sense.

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