Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Fascism - a 'politically correct' insult

What is the best way for a ruling minority to ensure victory over the peoples of the world? The best way must surely be to pit them against one another and to make them hate that wherein lies their greatest chance for salvation. The slave must learn to hate the very concept of freedom and to identify full with the slave owner. This can be seen clearly in the popular use of the words 'Fascist' and 'Fascism' as terms of abuse, especially by people who purport to fight internationalism.

In the 'Truther' movement we have shills such as Alex Jones constantly described the 'New World Order' as Fascist. The rationale for the use of this term is that Benito Mussolini himself stated that the Italian system known as Fascism could better be described using the label Corporatism. Corporatism today has a different meaning to Corporatism in Mussolini's day. Just as the word 'Gay' meaning happy and care-free has been changed by the social engineers to mean homosexual (and such people are generally miserable and constantly worried in reality - not gay at all), so has the term Corporatism been altered to take on a meaning which is the diametrical opposite of its true meaning.

So what did Mussolini mean by Corporatism? Mussolini created a system in which the people were served by the economy, rather than be servants to it, as was the case before Fascism, and since its demise. Mussolini recognised that Nationalisation stifled productivity. Looking at the example of Bolshevik Russia where the State dogma was Marxist-Leninism, the socialisation of the means of production could be clearly seen to be to the detriment of the proletariat, rather than to their benefit as the theory maintained. Socialisation (nationalisation) took power away from the people and handed it to the bureaucrats in the Party, or to be more precise to those who controlled the Party: the international banking cabals.

Realising that the economic system of Communism was but a ruse for taking wealth and property from the people, Mussolini rejected nationalisation. He then turned to examine the alleged opposite of Communism, known as Capitalism. Under that system, due to its inherent contradictions, the concentration of wealth and property would inevitably become concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. We can see the truth of this today with international conglomerates absorbing entire industries, and with the IMF taking over entire countries. The basis of Capitalism was, and remains, the Banking System. The massive corporations which own everything are backed by the banking cartels without which they wouldn't exist. Unrestricted Privatisation under the 'free market' led to the exact same cabals taking control of the wealth, property and resources of the people, as its phony opposite, Communism.

Seeing the fallacy of materialism behind both its Communist and Capitalist masks, Mussolini sought to create a new system under which the people would be protected from the banking system and would genuinely be in charge of their own lives. The system he came up with was labelled Fascism. The term Fascism was coined due to Italy's history as the home of the Roman Republic. The Roman Fasces represented the idea of strength through unity. A single rod can easily be broken, but a bundle of rods can prevail against the harshest attempt to snap it. The ribbons tying the rods emphasised the exercise of restraint in the use of power, as symbolised by the axe atop the bundle. For Mussolini the Fasces represented the strength in unity of the Workers' Union, the Peasants' Co-operative, or the Artisans' Guild. The international cabals sought to break the workers etc and could do so easily if they were disunited (as under Capitalist of Communist serfdom), but coming together as a bundle, they could withstand the machinations of the bankers.

The Corporatism of Fascism emphasises the need of workers and managers to co-operate with one another for the benefit of the nation. This opposes the class warfare of Communism and Capitalism in that the people as a whole are a part of an organic nation, united in purpose and in spirit. Ownership by foreigners is not allowed due to the outsider having no allegiance to the nation. Corporatism in the modern sense should be referred to as monopoly internationalism, and has no interest in the welfare of the people. Modern Corporatism is exploitation for the benefit of the 'elite'. With institutions such as the IMF we can see the modern corporate ideology in action, with mass unemployment, wars for profit and the destruction of unique cultures and peoples to be replaced by a bland inhuman mass of consuming-producing materialists devoid of the essence of humanity. Corporatism as spoken of by Mussolini is its exact opposite. Profits are to be shared amongst the people, whose culture is to be strengthened by the sense of being part of a national family of equal worth but diverse roles.

Those who label the 'New World Order' Fascist due to the existence of international monopoly corporations as a focal point, are either ignorant of the reality of Fascism, or are dis-info agents acting to stop the people ably defending themselves by opting out of the false dichotomy of materialism. Alex Jones belongs to the latter, and sadly do his followers who swallow his propaganda without doing their own research.

The term 'Political Correctness' was coined in the Soviet Union to prevent dissent. Those who were out of step with the ruling clique were deem to have politically incorrect thoughts. They were forced to publicly recant and apologise for having independent thought, and were often killed for such a heinous crime. Their writings were destroyed and history was rewritten to ensure they appeared as enemies of the people. Fascism has undergone such an attack.

The likes of Alex 'Zionist' Jones parrot the term 'Fascist' to describe the internationalist menace. This is ludicrous. Fascism is anti-Internationalist. Fascism was never meant to be a unified global ideology; it has many variations according to the needs of distinct peoples and nations. The internationalist obsession with migrating diverse peoples across the globe in order to create a world devoid of mono-ethnic nations goes against everything Fascism stands for. The internationalist war against religion (Christianity, Islam, et al - but oddly not against Talmudic Judaism) puts materialism to the fore and denigrates spirituality. Fascism is spiritual in essence. Globalist Corporatism seeks to create one over-riding monopoly which will own and control every living creature on the planet, creating a uniformity of thinking which will reduce human to the level of machines. Fascism seeks to develop the nation to its fullest, allowing culture to flourish, with the aim being to advance the people to a higher level of evolution. Internationalism is about levelling downwards everyone outside the elite.

A modern nation which could be described as Fascist is Libya. The government is structured in such a way as to allow full representation of individuals and guilds in the national assembly. The Zionist butchers of NATO are anti-Qadaffi precisely because he puts his people first and has built a nation with a unity of purpose and spirit in which class warfare is not allow. The Green Book is simply Fascism ethnically tailored to suit Arabs. Look at the amazing works of Libya, such as the Great River Project. The Libyan system seeks only to better the Libyan people; it has no imperialist pretensions; it seeks to mould the people together into a strong nation - like rods held together by the ribbon of justice. Those who seek to destroy Libya are anti-Fascist. Internationalism is anti-Fascist. To describe the internationalist agenda as Fascist is ignorant to the point of propagandising for the globalist banking cabal.

We need to stop using the words of our enemies. We need to stop unwittingly using the dogma of political correctness. By accepting that anything Fascist must be evil, we are aiding our oppressors. How can we overcome our enemies if we willingly wear the blinkers of their creating and conform to what they deem politically correct? There is much to be gained from the study of National Syndicalism, Fascism and Strasserite National Socialism. These ideologies were tainted by the propaganda of the enemies of humanity, especially due to the actions committed by people claiming to uphold these beliefs who were in fact put in place by the internationalists to undermine the systems from within.

Open your eyes. Take off the blinkers. Do your own research. If you speak and act as your own gaoler, you will never be free.

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