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Homosexuality: An illness caused by Industrial Pollution, Pharmaceuticals & Broken Homes

The Establishment like to portray homosexuals as normal healthy people who are different from heterosexuals only insofar as whereas heterosexuals have relationships involving a man and a woman, homosexuals like to have sex with people of the same sex.  To back up this notion, the media endlessly pump out puerile drivel featuring same-sex couples in stable relationships, who are happy-go-lucky role models for their adopted children and only ever sad when they have to deal with awful homophobes who are remnants of the stone age.  This sanitised version of homosexual life owes more to propagandist fantasy, than to reality.

The use of the acronym 'GAY', meaning Good As You, has not only ruined a perfectly good English word, it is blatantly not true.  Anyone who has had the misfortune of wandering into a public toilet used as a 'cottage' will know that homosexual behaviour is not normal, or in any way pleasant.  If heterosexuals laid in wait for unsuspecting members of the opposite sex, they would rightly be classed as sexual predators, and the act of exposing themselves and leering at toilet users whilst suggesting various perverted things, would result in prosecution.  For homosexuals this is the norm.  This behaviour is symptomatic of an underlying illness, as is the entire 'cottage' phenomenon and the existence of such obscenities as the 'glory hole'.

There is a division in society between the people who have absorbed the media propaganda that everyone is the same and that everything goes, on the one hand, and on the other the reactionaries who seek to outlaw anything which is outside the norm; punishing people rather than looking at the causes of their disabilities.  The holders of the former view tend to actively engage in all manner of perversion and unhealthy lifestyle; or are financially cushioned from the consequences of the liberal views they force on society at large.  The Establishment class will not have come face-to-face (or anything else!) with homosexuals lurking in toilets, unless by choice.  This does seem to be the case for a number of the Old-Etonian types in the Establishment, which may explain their desire to inflict their personal proclivities on the rest of us.

In order to heal our ailing society we need to look at homosexuality and its causes and beyond the propaganda of both the homosexual mafia and the knee-jerk anti-homosexual reaction.

Homosexuality is a mental illness resulting from a failure to identify with one's same sex parent.  The deliberate policy of financially punishing parents who live together has led to an increase in homosexuality in men.  A boy who is deprived of a normal relationship with his father is much more likely to become a homosexual; seeking paternal love elsewhere and substituting acts of sex, for the love and nurture which his natural father should have given him.  The higher incidence of homosexuality amongst the ruling Establishment may well be a result of their propensity for sending their children to same-sex boarding schools, where the lack of a father is exacerbated by the lack of girls.  The children of the Establishment go on to become the next generation, and take their upbringing to be normal; buggery and all.  These people formulate government and media policy which then impacts on the rest of society; hence the spread of the decadence of the Establishment, and of their perverse sexual practices.

Homosexuals should be treated as any other individuals suffering from mental ill-health.  Lack of Fathers is a key factor, but not the only one.  It is possible that the explosion in homosexuality over the last few decades is a result of hormones in the drinking water since the introduction of the contraceptive pill and mass medication.  The human body is susceptible to change via everything which it consumes, thus tap water containing high doses of œstrogen can lead to the growth of breast in males, along with other feminising effects.  Pollution from industrial sources has also had a detrimental impact on human physical and mental health.

The fact that many homosexuals are in positions of power has muddied the issue as people with vested interests are pushing the lie that they are healthy and normal.  The removal of homosexuality from the list of mental disorders in 1973 was motivated by political pressure and finacial bribes, rather than serious research.  We may now expect homophobia, xenophobia and all manner of thought crimes to be added to the list of what the Establishment categorise as mentally ill; the classification of mental health has lost all credibility and become a political tool to silence dissent.  

In the 'entertainment' industry, homosexuality is pushed as normal.  When one looks at films coming from Hollywood, one cannot fail but to make a connection between what the Establishment wish us to accept as real, and the social policy of government.  Hollywood is swarming with homosexuals, and an acceptabnce of their promiscuity is essential for those who wish to succeed in the film industry; the same goes for television and pop music.  Music videos, celebrity tv, gossip magazines etc all serve to disort our conception of reality and to accept the unacceptable.  The distortion of reality pushed by the 'gay' mafia is just that - a distortion.  

It is indicative of the wholly undemocratic system of government in the UK, that people who have no commonality with the nation as a whole, are able to push their agenda and remain in power over us.  Psychotic and deviant behaviour is made to appear normal simply because the people who suffer with it have undue influence.  Homosexuals should not be 'marrying' or being regarded as people whose lifestyles should be emulated; the homosexual lifestyle is destructive to those who practice it, and to society as a whole.  Heterosexuals who engage in sodomy and promiscuity, are copying the homosexual lifestyle.  The abuse of hard drugs which was once mainly a homosexual practice has now entered the mainstream as the non-sexual aspect of homosexuality has spread into the heterosexual world.

There have always been a minority of people who are homosexual due to genetic factors, and there most probably always will be.  These people should be free to indulge their sexual mores behind closed doors, as should everyone, but behind closed doors and in secret; not on the covers of magazines, on the screen, and in school books.  Promotion of homosexuality should be outlawed and the root causes researched with a view to its erradication; not for reasons of 'hatred' of difference, but for the protection of all; especially those who have succumbed to homosexuality.  Sodomy is a perversion alike to bondage or coprophilia and should be kept out of mainstream society.  Marching to demand equality for sodomites with healthy and natural society, is akin to having scatologists demanding the right to defecate in public.  Its not on.

The overwhelming majority of homosexuals are victims of sickness, and as such should be treated for what ails them.  They are not helped by being encouraged to indulge in their sickness.  Otherwise normal people are now being told that they should 'experiment' with their sexuality.  School children are being groomed in sexual education classes to accept all manner of depravity.  This is a part of the overall Establishment agenda of destroying the natural culture and traditions of the people.  Family is the cornerstone of the nation.  The Protocols of Zion clearly state that society must be atomised and all natural bonds broken.  The homosexual movement is a part of the implementations of the anti-family and anti-nature, Protocols of Zion.  The plan to allow Homosexual Marriages in the UK by 2015 is less about equal rights than the destruction of real, normal, heterosexual marriage and family.

Scientists in Denmark have found that there are a number of man-made chemicals in everyday products which affect gender.  An article from the UK Daily Telegraph - a part of the British mainstream media, not from the fringe 'conspiratorial' media - details the incidence of fish in rivers changing sex due to man-made pollutants.  This isn't politically-motivated research designed to attack homosexuals, as 'gay rights' activists would have it, but sincere research.  Alike to discussion of matters regarding ethnicity and culture, honest discussion of sexuality and gender is a taboo in Marxist UK.  The Politically Correct nonsense words of anti-Semitism, Racism, Sexism, Islamophobia et al, have been joined by the equally absurd, 'Homophobia' to silence debate.  Discussion is not allowed on any matter which the Cultural Marxists deem verboten, and that is every single issue which impacts upon the survival of society in any form higher than materialistic producer-consumers.

To return to the scientific studies, if animals are so effected by chemicals un-naturally introduced into the environment, then why should people not be?  The massive increase in the number of homosexuals cannot be entirely the responsibility of a decadent media - it is more likely that it is caused by a chemical imbalance.  If so, then by halting this pollution, it can be limited, and by hormonal/chemical treatment, homosexuals can be cured and live a normal healthy life; they can be helped and treated for their sickness, which is something everyone should welcome. Only by the machinations of the pushers of political correctness has this illness become something fashionable and acceptable.

There are a number of factors involved in homosexuality; the media push it as an 'alternative lifestyle', but then they would as a lot of them are in the media.  The root of the problem is a chemical imbalance, and this truth brings forth hope insofar as environmental defence measures may help to limit the exposure of harmful substances to ordinary people; especially pregnant women who may absorb gender-damaging toxins during pregnancy.  Aside from the people who 'experiment' because the TV tells them to, the only real homosexuals are those who are suffering from chemical poisoning. They can be cured! This would be good for all of society.  Persecuting people for being different helps no one; it only legitimises the persecution of others by the Establishment.  

We would not think of attacking the victims of Thalidomide poisoning, but rather we would help the victims to overcome the damage done by the chemicals they were exposed to.  Likewise homosexuals are victims, although because the damage manifests mostly non-physically.  Some homosexuals display physical symptoms including distortion of the voice and in motor problems, (referred to colloquially as limp-wristedness and mincing), but the main damage is mental; with obsessions with fæces and desire for sex with themselves which manifests as sex with members of the same gender.

Although not all homosexuals can be helped to overcome their problems and become normal members of society, for many sufferers homosexuality can be managed, and a near-normal life achieved.  Certainly stopping promoting it as normal, when it is an illness, is a must.

Homosexuality is caused by a number of factors, principally failure to identify with same-sex parent and environmental pollution.  These factors can be tackled and with their demise, we can expect a general demise in homosexuality.   Once the chemical aspect of homosexuality is dealt with, the societal and psychological aspect must be tackled.  There will sadly always be absentee fathers and children who suffer as a consequence; further adding to their suffering by condemning them to a sad and lonely fruitless homosexual existence, is neither kind nor reasonable.  Liberal tolerance of psychologically-created homosexuality is a crime against the victims of damaged families; they need help and guidance to overcome the disadvantages dealt them in early life.

The major problem in treating homosexuals is the entrenched homosexual mafia who cling to their victims in the same manner as Zionist Elders cling to the Jews they have damaged with mentally-debilitating feelings of persecution.  The two phenomena are quite similar, and are indeed linked insofar as they are used to undermine the larger society (see video HERE).  As stated in the Protocols, the web of deceit is very finely interwoven.  An understanding of the nature of the web is essential if we are to disconnect from it and leave the spider at the centre with nothing to feast on.

Contrary to the Establishment propaganda, in addition to cures for chemically-induced homosexuality, there is a cure for psychologically-caused homosexuality.  That cure is known as Reparative Therapy.  We can free our kin who are afflicted with this sickness and restore them to society.  The alternative is to leave them to wallow in the filth and misery which they instinctively wish to escape, or to persecute the victims who we would naturally help, if only the symptoms were purely physical.

Restore the nation.  Help the victims and deal with the causes of homosexuality, rather than react to the symptoms.  If we can halt the sickness now, we can save generations to come.


Anonymous said...

This is a decent article. Did you take the idea of promiscuous heterosexuals emulating homosexuals from the 'Why All Porn is Gay' article by Henry Makow? Makow is an agent whose purpose is to spread misinformation (despite the fact that some things which he says are inevitably true).

Whatever you want to say about homosexuality, the risk of HIV infection and/or having to wear nappies as a result of too much receptive anal sex makes me glad that I am a heterosexual and attracted to women and not men. Often so-called 'homophobes' will be accused of being closeted homosexuals themselves. In some cases this may in fact be true (Fred Phelps? Richard Littlejohn?) but certainly not all.

I don't understand what would motivate a man to be sexually attracted to another man, under any circumstances, including in prisons or any environment in which females are not available. I have known males who, whilst superficially heterosexual, have had kissing and heavy petting sessions with other males. I just find that bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Makow himself is now linking to your blog!

I don't know if he's done that before, but he is now linking to you. This should be a major source of traffic especially given he's linked from which is a very highly visited site.

As for Makow, I don't see why a Jew would come out and supposedly stand up for the rights of disenfranchised white males across the Western world, given that Jews have traditionally promoted the rights of "women and minorities". It all seems a bit fishy, just like Google's promotion of

Anonymous said...

And as far as HIV infection goes, aside from poofters, there have been a number of major cases of African men infecting white women in Europe. I read about an African male who infected a whole load of white women in Finland with HIV. Truly awful.

I was out today and saw about 6 or 7 white females with non-white males (black, brown and yellow), some of whom had mixed children, and in contrast I saw one white male with a black female and that was the only white male/non-white female pairing I saw, although I did also see a yellow female with what appeared to be a half-white baby. At the same time I saw a street with plenty of To Let signs and charity shops and signs of disrepair. If past generations could have seen this...

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that 'Save the Males' rhymes with 'Save the Whales'. That being said, women are more prone to obesity.

One thing that I have noticed is that African immigrant males are likely to give a shout out to each other in the street, even if they don't know each other, as if they are 'brothers'. But there are a lot of African and other non-white immigrants where I live. Maybe not like London, Birmingham or Leicester but there are a lot of foreigners here.

Rufus said...

Thank you. I have read Henry Makow's work on pornography and perversion, and am in agreement on his take on these issues. I am aware of the need to be cautious with all contacts and certainly don't believe anything I read without checking it for myself. Makow's take on the holyhoax, for example, doesn't sit well with the evidence that gas chambers were solely for disinfecting clothing. There are more disinfo agents than genuine activists, so all information should be scrutinised - but that is the case regardless.

The notion that people who are not heterophobic must be homophobic is pure propaganda, of the 'love the Jews or you're an anti-Semite' variety, and I have no truck with either libellous attack. I dare say in some cases it is true, but the general use is to stifle dissent be scaring people into submission. The tactic is but one step away from being physically attacked by the Establishment's stormtroopers; the UAF.

I don't get the attraction homosexual men have for men either. The factors in the article seem to be the main causes and so the problem isn't irreversible. Without the pc brigade screaming abues at people trying to help these poor souls, they would have a path to escape their misery, and as you point out, future health problems including soiling themselves. To paraphrase a gentleman murdered for speaking the truth; the liberals are our misfortune.

With regards to Makow defending Whites, there have always been some Jews who identify with the host population, just as there are the Freemasons and Monarchists who identify with the internationalist parasites. There is the similar enigma of homosexuals who join patriotic movements - including those who climb to the leadership strata, such as Martin Webster and Ernst Rohm. It is curious, but nevertheless a fact that a lot of our people are treacherous scum and that some of our best activists come from groups which are actively hostile to us. There's nowt queer as folk(!)

Immigration is a key weapon used to bring our nations down. Your comments about the African man infecting women in Finland with HIV links back to the previous point: White liberals are behind the immigration tragedy, but decent Africans are campaigning to have Africa restored to Africans, and Europe left to us. Our worst enemies come from our own stock.

Where I live, we have nothing but takeaways, charity shops and pawn brokers such as Cash Converters and Cex. We also have Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi and a range of other supermarkets. The common factor with theses society destroying giants is that they are owned by members of the tribe; but it is European councillors who grant permission to the parasites to build their community-destroying monstrosities.

Being linked through Makow to Rense doesn't mean I can't expose Rense for disinfo. I don't visit Rense as he is as obvious a shill as Alex Jones. Both provide useful information, but drown it is smoke and mirrors, which is worse than being honest and pushing the Establishment line openly.

Anonymous said...

Diverting from the topic at hand, I've been reading some of the work of Jonathan Bowden. This man is very intelligent and extremely well-read:

It makes a mockery of the stereotype of right-wingers as uneducated and ignorant. Granted, some of the types who veer towards far-right politics are indeed ignorant, such as a large proportion of BNP/NF/EDL (and its offshoots SDL and WDL) supporters. But there are intellectuals there as well, like Jonathan Bowden, Tomislav Sunic, Anthony M. Ludovici and indeed Simon Sheppard.

Anonymous said...

Certainly the majority of the target audience of a figure like Henry Makow would not be so good at making sense of some of Jonathan Bowden's writings. Makow's writing is "dumbed-down" stuff.

I've looked at the works of the likes of Theodore Adorno and Horkheimer. There is plenty of jargon in it but the essence of it can be understood. Their work was written at a time just after the Nazis had been prominent in the world, a very different climate to today. Back then, white leftists would side with Jews, as in the march opposing Oswald Mosley. Today the tables are turned and leftists are against Jews (particularly Zionism) and the mainstream far-right is allied with Jews against Islam. Personally, I see this whole anti-Islam thing as bullshit, and it is a major reason why the BNP are a laughing stock. The female strategy is to obfuscate.

Anonymous said...

To a one-world internationalist, the fact that some people in the world do not even have food to eat is more important than unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse and general social decay in British and other Western settings. These people actively welcome the asylum seekers and immigrants that are so common in Britain and other Western countries. They have scant regard for the fact that mixed-race relationships between non-white males and white females are a lot more common than vice-versa. This doesn't fit into their picture of egalitarianism.

I'd counter their claims by asserting that a mediocre life is not worth much at all, certainly not a lot more than those of poor people in poor countries. And many people in Western countires are being forced into mediocre lives in the year 2011. The economy is a big player in that. There is no democracy over things like the City of London or the Federal Reserve, none at all. Political freedom is an idea, but not a fact.

Anonymous said...

Is it a shame for these people? Yes, it is. It is a shame that they must suffer.

However if they had fertility rates more similar to those of the countries of Eastern Europe (who are aging and dying despite the fact that porn producers like to look for women there) there would not be this problem.

Aid to the "starving African" will never help anything. The same problems will always crop up again and it's a waste of time and energy trying to help them because they will give you absolutely nothing in return. The religion-substitute that constitutes today's liberalism, so popular amongst those in academia, is a farce.

There is nothing that can be done to help these people. I will not give a single penny to starving Africans.

Anonymous said...

Elements of Marxism are evident in many aspects of popular culture, including music. John Lennon's "Imagine" calls for a world in which there are no countries and no religions. It is a hideous and depressing song.

One particularly vile band is The Specials. They sing about 'racism' being the 'worst excuse in the world' and decry white motherhood as being 'having done too much, much too young, when you should be having fun'.

All of these artists sang these things several decades ago and clearly their desires have come true.

I can understand what would provoke a white heterosexual male into strong anti-Marxism.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality as is race-mixing is just another tool in the armoury of the Elders in persuit of their agenda of destroying White society/civilisation.....does anyone seriously think that such degeneracy is aimed at any other body other than Whites?

Anonymous said...

British white people do not generally have a high opinion of themselves, particularly the lower classes. They will use epithets against each other like "minks", "chavs", "scum", "inbred" whilst not necessarily applying these same labels to non-white immigrants.

As a result of the state of the economy, the middle classes in the West are systematically being destroyed as all the jobs get outsourced to the East as we experience the creation of a post-industrial wasteland thanks to globalization in which the only industry is takeaways, pawn shops and supermarkets. Germany still has a manufacturing industry and is the economic powerhouse of the EU, hence Germans' anger at having to pay out to the poorer bankrupt EU states.

Liberalism is racial, genetic suicide. It is a love affair with death. It is necrophilia. Race-mixing, miscegenation, can be viewed in Marxist terms. The bourgeois white man must have the white woman, the most precious resource, taken from him and given to the proletarian black man. This is rather similar to revolutions in which royalty were murdered so that peasants could eat bread. It is a genetic coup d'etat, a racial Year Zero in which everything that came before is destroyed. Furthermore race-mixing is an expression of Marxist dialectic: you have one thing, and you take its opposite, and then you combine and synthesise them. It is the negation of white people's right to exist; it is qualitative change, a revolution, the 'oppressed' coloured man's victory over the white man who is to be made history for supposed 'crimes'.

Anonymous said...

The above posters reference to the lower caste (White trailer trash) Whites draws attention to the truth that in wars it is ALWAYS the best of the race who partake and saddly it is the good gene which meets a mortal end leaving the ever increasing lazy/cowardly/degenerate/deficient gene in the ascendancy.

These same scum who refer to "chavs" "minks" "scum" are invariably the same themselves.

Not all Whites are our friends nor indeed are WORTH saving. It is they who fear us the most because they know they will be swinging like all race-mixers will from the lampposts come the day a la Earl Turner!

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting point of view; where are you based from? (this is clearly a third party opinion and it is not me or Rufus).

Historically, I believe that the world wars did indeed have a dysgenic effect, but nowadays things are different. The fact is that many of the intelligent white people in the world today are liberals, although I see a decline in that liberalism coming as a result of economic conditions.

I know a man who is a Marxist. He does not care if people in Britain cannot find a job, because the fact that people in certain parts of Africa (such as at the moment Horn Africa) are experiencing mass starvation is of greater and more vital importance, perhaps akin to the priorities that ambulance staff assign themselves to outcall cases.

There is no biological equality in nature and I have not received a sufficient response as to why that is not true from him. He has called me a coward yet has not explained his rationale behind doing so and I don't understand the reasoning behind it. This is not an expression of ignorance; rather it is an expression of being nonplussed.

Anonymous said...

The most critical evolutionary process is sexual selection. Males are usually willing to accept any female that is interested in them.

I have heard reports of Orthodox Jewish women raised in the USA (in settlements such as Kiryas Joel) leaving their community and marrying black men. It's not exactly common but such cases do exist.

Political control over biological evolution seems possible to an extent, but not on an absolute level, unless enforced by law.

Amongst white populations, there is zero ideological unity. A religion, particularly one with an ancient basis (and thus justification for epistemologically dogmatic endogamy) is the key to ethnic survival. Today's Christian churches are more concerned with the welfare of African children than the future of white children in Britain. That has always been the problem with Christianity; it's always "love thy neighbour". Basically, it's too feminine and not hard-line enough.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to the topic at hand:

What do you think of that then, Rufus?

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Islamic groups in the southern islands of the Philippines have lately been engaging in terrorism. One acronym for such a group is 'MILF' (Moro Islamic Liberation Front), and there's the porno influence coming in again. The 1999 film 'American Pie', which was created by American Jews, defines this term.

Anonymous said...

As I have stated, Henry Makow will come up with all sorts of complete bullshit. I suspect some, if not all, of the 'writers' who have contributed to his site are actually Makow himself in a different guise.

The female strategy is to obfuscate and Henry Makow does this only too well.

Rufus said...

re. Bowden, Sunic et al, there are a good few intellectuals who fight against internationalism who associate with the 'far-right', but I wouldn't say say necessarily would use that label themselves. The left-right division is a false one, use to keep us from uniting and overthrowing the Establishment. The Protocols outline this strategy, and sadly it does seem to work. Many people who accept the label 'left-wing' deny themselves the opportunity to exchange ideas with people who are fighting the common enemy; the same goes the other way around. I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Sunic and as well as an intelligent man he is also amiable. He spoke in Yorkshire on the near secular quality of 'Islamic' Albania, and was scorned for his accent and his 'admission' of speaking with Muslims. The rank and file of the left would refuse to listen to him at all! Bigotry and stupidity are the bane of the resistance.

re. Starving Africans: This issue is an emotive one but all the meddling of the West has done is make the situation worse. The Empires broke the continent and neo-imperialism has kept the land in a state of conflict and hardship. The Libyan plan to unify Africa and trade in Gold Dinars could have seen the continenet rise to economic strength, allowing a return for Africans living abroad. This was scuppered by the Zionist war machine, NATO. Africans are being used to divide the west and prevent an awakening to the Talmudic menace. Anti-African sentimenet aimed at the refugees of Zionist financial pillage keeps attention away from those who ruined Africa and now the rest of the world. A strong Africa is essential for European rebirth. Africa doesn't need charity. The people starving in the Horn will not benefit long term from handouts; Africa needs to be liberated from Talmudic rule, as does every land - including Israel.

re the Chavs, Minks and other lumpenproletarians - they only exist due to state indoctrination and bolshevik welfare. The majority could be erradicated in a generation through real education, and in the worst cases through sterilisation. It is unfortunate but true that not everyone is equal, and that not everyone should be saved. In addition to the opportunistic scum, the anti-natural society has created an army of nominal humans of European stock who shouldn't exist; nature will correct this abomination.

Religion can indeed save Europe. Real Christianity isn't weak at all. Don't be fooled by Vatican II!

Anonymous said...

Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi... these are all commonly heard names where I live as well. They're called supermarkets: places where people get their food. Long gone are the days when people would go to individual small shops for different sorts of items. Those days are not coming back.

Particularly Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury's have a strong presence. Each of these has several stores in my city, Aberdeen. One has to wonder, if there was a food crisis, would people starve to death? People depend on these places in order to get the biological food material in order to live.

Another Scottish settlement, Inverness, has 4 Tescos in a city of a population which has just over 70,000 people. I had some friends from there. If you want to live in a city which has hardly any non-whites at all, move to Inverness. You'll need good luck getting work though.

The internationalists are renderers of uniformity and destroyers of genuine diversity.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should be thankful for the Tesco, Sainsbury's and ASDA supermarkets.

After all, without them, we'd starve to death like those in Somalia and Ethiopia who are currently suffering from famine.

Anonymous said...

gentlemen...lets put our Ego's & Cultural ,Religious & Social Backgrounds Aside...

From an evolutionary perspective..Homosexuality is very destructive & against the main goal of evolution which is Passing the genetic codes...(the preservance of species)
which makes it not normal genetic pattern (chemical imbalance)

Onymous Arjan said...

LOL @ Rufus the Poof-us and his fellow faggots.

Please note, that as a heterosexual male I fail to understand the obsession that some ostensibly hetero guys have with homosexuality and the [sic] "gay agenda" you always speak of. As far as I'm concerned, more homos is a good thing because that means fewer males I must compete with and thus more available females for me.

The only real reasons I have ever observed for "homophobic" attitudes are: (1) religious dogma (i.e. God declared it a sin), or (2) an outward projection of self-loathing homosexuals.

Case in point, looking at what the last anonymous faggot said, "Homosexuality is very destructive & against the main goal of evolution which is Passing the genetic codes" to Dr. Dumbshit, it ain't against the "goal" of evolution because there is no "goal" of evolution! Ascribing goals, teleological processes, or other anthropomorphism to nature = FAIL. Evolution is purely a causal process, but nice try packaging your creationist religious dogma in ostensibly "secular" terminology. Think of it this Anonymous (12-Jan-2012 19:17). If you were truly straight and not some defensive poser, you would see it as more opportunity to pass on your genes rather than complain.

Onymous Arjan said...

...Likewise, consider what the first anonymous faggot (who is even gayer than the last anonymous poster!) said.

"Often so-called 'homophobes' will be accused of being closeted homosexuals themselves. In some cases this may in fact be true (Fred Phelps? Richard Littlejohn?)"

...or in the case of the first anonymous (18-Sept-2011 21:53) to post. Funny, how he is aware of that fact and even acknowledged the possibility but seems unaware that it applies to him.

"the risk of HIV infection and/or having to wear nappies as a result of too much receptive anal sex makes me glad..."

I am aware that HIV is more rampant in the gay community and hence homos are at significantly higher risk (though the AIDS epidemic is more reason to avoid unprotected sex or promiscuity in general), but I have never heard of needing to wear "nappies" from taking it in the ass one too many times. That claim sounds like bullshit to me. Then again, I must not spend nearly as much time researching gay sex as the 1st Anon.

"...that I am a heterosexual and attracted to women and not men."

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, gayboy! I hope you've convinced yourself, because the rest of us are totally convinced... NOT! I think it's tragically hilarious that you're not happy to simply be strait and "totally into chicks" and "totally not into dudes," you must scare yourself straight with HIV paranoia or wild tales of shitting yourself from too much buttsecks.

"I don't understand what would motivate a man to be sexually attracted to another man..."

It's remarkably simple really, not much of a mystery! Even though I do not find myself sexually attracted to men, I don't have any difficulty "understanding." For me, women are a default. Now put yourself in another's shoes. Some men are just not into women and prefer other men. I guess kind of like right v. left handedness. Homophobes persuade themselves that it's a "choice" rather than an innate preference. (Why the FUCK would anyone choose an inclination that makes them despised by most of the world for some reason and at greater risk for HIV?)

"...under any circumstances, including in prisons or any environment in which females are not available."

What are you some kind of eunuch? If you haven't been in such a situation, it might be difficult to imagine, but considering that men are sexual creatures, I suppose enough isolation and frustration might pressure some to seek an unconventional outlet.

"I have known males who, whilst superficially heterosexual, have had kissing and heavy petting sessions with other males."

One wonders how such a "hetero" guy knows so many such males. Definitely suspicious.

"I just find that bizarre."

SURE you do! Keep telling yourself. Methinks you get it all too well, but you did a top notch job repressing it.

Onymous Arjan said...

I guess my main point is, while I'm not quite sure why all you faggots care what other men do and don't do with their dicks, I am aware that it makes a handy distraction for the benefit of the powers that be.

Case in point, Jewboy Henry Makow uses homophobia to bait all the kwans and yidiot-goyim off course, to distract people like Poof-us of News from Fag-lantis from the real issues and true culprits.

[And it's especially funny when Henry Makow, the Queen of Repressed Homosexuality employs said tactics. He blames all his failures with women on feminism. While I agree that feminism is hazardous, one must not blame all one's failures with the opposite sex on feminism. We're talking about some guy who wrote an article called "Breasts are for Babies, Not Men" in which he rants about how unattractive the bosoms of women are. Then again, when your earliest subconscious memories consist of having your foreskin violently ripped and sheared off by a mohel, who then cleans the wound via fellatio, at barely over a week old, perhaps poor Henry can't be blamed?]

Anyways, Jewboy Makow plants his (rather confused) red herrings for people like Rufus and his anonymous idiot readers to chase after the "gay agenda" while he and his Tribe buddies continue to fleece the goyim and tighten their slavery over all of us.

Rufus said...

Onymous Arjan. Thank you for taking the time to write your comments. Whilst it is true that a lot of 'homophobia' stems from religious dogma, or otherwise from repressed homosexuality, it doesn't neccessarily follow that because one does not whole-heartedly approve of the 'gay' lifestyle, one must be a religious fanatic and/or a closet homosexual.

Homosexuality is a sexual deviancy which is injurious to the sufferers, insofar as it prevents the natural reproduction of healthy children within a two-parent environment - which is the most rewarding aspect of humanity anyone can achieve. I have worked alongside homosexuals, and far from being 'gay', they have been miserable. They yearn for a normal life, and instinctively know that basing their entire identities around a sexual kink, is to focus on something which is at best a side issue, and at worst an all-consuming perverse obsession.

The elevation of homosexuality to equality with a healthy lifestyle, is another feature of the materialistic agenda of the internationalists; an agenda designed to make people focus upon themselves as the be-all and end-all of existence, andf to have no consideration for their place in the eternal chain of life. Whether it is the promotion of sex, of possessions, of job, or whatever, the internationalists seek to destroy organic society by any means possible. Providing people with a false life to lead prevents them from taking their place in the struggle for freedom which we all should be a part of.

The article is not hostile towards homosexuals, rather it is an appeal to help them to overcome their aliments, and to steer others away from the dead end which the Establishment has prepared for them.

One doesn't have to be homosexual, or to be religious, to want an end to human misery.