Friday, 6 December 2013

Nelson Mandela - Rot In Perpetuity

When is a racist murdering terrorist not a racist murdering terrorist?  When that killer of children, motivated by hatred of them solely for the colour of their skin, is a non-European, and his victims are White.  Nelson Mandela was a foul murderer.  He preached racist hatred against Europeans, and bombed an entire nation into submission to his Marxist tyranny.  To be fair to those who would proclaim Mandela to not be racist, it is true that he murdered Africans as well as Europeans, although the former were murdered for political or financial reasons, whilst the latter were murdered due to their ethnic origins.  If Mandela had been White and his victims non-White, he would have been compared with Hitler (using the usual hysterical mendacious propaganda), but as it was the other way around, he has been all but canonised by the global Talmudic media.

The following are the charming words of an ANC song which Nelson Mandela took pride in singing:

Ayasaba amagwala
Awudubule (i)bhunu
Ziyarobha le zintsha
Awudubule (i)bhunu

They are scared the cowards
Do shoot the/a farmer (Boer)
They rob us, these dogs 
Do shoot the/a farmer (Boer)  

People in the west have been imprisoned for singing songs which can be interpreted as 'racist', let alone which incite murder, especially racially-motivated murder.  Yet the western media is happy to play such songs as above, so long as they are not translated into languages which the majority of people can understand.  Of course, in the tradition of 'sticks and stones', it really doesn't matter what people sing, or what people write.  Only the 'politically correct' imbeciles believe that words can hurt people.  What Nelson Mandela did is what mattered; he murdered people.

When finally arrested, the terrorist scum Mandela was found in possession of:
  •  210,000 hand grenades
  • 48,000 anti-personnel mines
  • 1,500 time devices
  • 144 tons of ammonium nitrate
  • 21,6 tons of aluminium powder
  • 1 ton of black powder
Clearly, the ANC was well-funded by the likes of the Rothschilds in order to break South Africa so that it could be merged by force into the 'New World Order'.  Funny how the shill David Icke is silent about this fact.  For graphic imagery of the crimes of the ANC, (crimes which Icke and the BBC want you to never be made aware of) visit:

I apologise for repeating articles I have previously written, but the facts have not changed...

Born on the 18th July 1918, the Communist who organised the racist terrorist murders of innocent civilians across South Africa was honoured (sic) in 2008 by ‘celebrities’ with a concert in Hyde Park. Thousands of brainwashed Britons paid through the nose to worship this monster and shriek approval of his evil deeds against their own racial kinsmen.

On Sunday 29th June 2008 this creature met someone whose actions are tantamount to treason, (she has broken her Coronation oath and gives the Royal Assent to treasonous law after treasonous law), Queen Elizabeth II – possibly the only head of state in the modern era to do more to help bring ruin upon her own people – she must know the real truth about Nelson Mandela? Remember how she once danced with Mau Mau chief Jomo Kenyatta? Remember how she knighted the clearly insane Robert Mugabe?

Is this a little unfair to the rotting corpse who has a statue to himself in Trafalgar Square? Well look at just some of the facts:-

Mandela orchestrated the “Church Street Massacre,” a charming example of tolerance and decency from this ‘statesman,’ which resulted in the deaths of many Afrikaner women, children and babies. This bombing at rush hour was deliberately designed to cause the maximum number of innocent civilians to be murdered and maimed. It was one bombing amongst many – too many to contemplate.

Mandela’s ANC had prison camps in which torture was freely used, including raping men and women kidnapped by the terrorist criminals. Mandela has never apologised for the atrocities perpetrated by his savage army.

When Mandela was quite rightly imprisoned in Robben Island for his murderous terrorism, his prison number was 46664. On a computer keyboard the number 4 also is used for the $ sign. Thus Mandela has the identity number $666$ - the materialistic sign of Satan. How appropriate for this evil beast.

Across the border in the once decent nation of Rhodesia, Robert Mugabe rules with a reign of terror. The atrocities he commits are well known in Britain and throughout the world as the media never cease to expose the evil of his regime. The truth is that Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe are of the same mould. The reason that Mandela is praised whilst Mugabe is attacked is that Mandela’s victims are White, whereas Mugabe’s are Black. The reason for this is that ‘Zimbabwe’ has been virtually ethnically cleansed of the original British and European population whereas in South Africa the process is still ongoing. No doubt when the ANC turn on the Black population we may hear some murmurings of disapproval from our liberal press!

Decent people will never forget our brothers and sisters who were tortured, maimed, raped and murdered at the behest of this diabolical creature. Not to be outdone by her husband, the delightful Winnie was famous for her necklaces! ("With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country")  These necklaces were rubber tyres, placed upon the shoulders of the victim which were then set alight, causing the victim to die an excruciatingly painful death.  'Saint' Nelson knew of this torture/murder technique and did nothing to halt its use.

In 1994 Nelson Mandela fulfilled his handlers' task by becoming President of South Africa.  In what has become an all too familiar pattern, Nelson Mandela's African National Congress, murdered and bombed its way into government.  In precisely the same manner as their counterparts in the SNC in Syria, or the NTC in Libya, the ANC terrorists were lauded by the mind-controlling media as 'freedom fighters' who were only seeking justice for their people.  Just as with the NTC and the SNC, their methods were murder and destruction.

The brutal atrocities committed by the ANC included the practice of 'necklacing' political opponents. This practice involved placing a petrol-soaked rubber tyre around the neck of the victim, then setting it alight.  The manner of death was especially painful and un-necessarily cruel.

In 2008, Mandela was fêted to lavish public displays of adoration in London; including a music festival and an audience with the Establishment mafia boss, Elizabeth Windsor.  No mention was made of the innocent civilians he murdered in the rush-hour Church Street Massacre, or that the only reason anyone should bemoan his 27-year prison sentence is that a more suitable punishment for his crimes would have been his execution.

The ANC was very much a forerunner of the NTC; spoken of in the media as the saviour of a persecuted people, in order to enact regime change for the benefit of the people, but in reality solely for the benefit of the International financial elite.

In pre-ANC South Africa, the system of Apartheid was far from perfect, but the poverty endured by the Black population was far below that they endure now.  All that the Regime Changers achieved for the people of South Africa was to bring misery and fear to the White population and to increase the tyrannical grip of the Internationalists.  Modern South Africa is a usurers paradise in which the old system of separate development has been replaced with a system of common exploitation.  The ex-wife of Nelson Mandela, Winnie, accurately described Nelson Mandela's period as President as a period of betrayal, in which the Black supporters of the ANC were forgotten, and life became harsher than under the regime they fought to end.

The only difference between the ANC, the NTC and the SNC is that the latter are officially Islamic and belong to the CIA's Al Qaeda operation, whereas the ANC was a communist CIA asset, and not officially religiously based.  The plan for the total obliteration of nation-states and the imposition of a 'New World Order' has been in full flow for many years.  The current fake religious phase was rolled out for public consumption at the time of the 9/11 Massacre.  The destruction of non-Muslim parts of the World had to be completed before the 9/11 crime could be committed.  Nelson Mandela's assigned task was to destabilise South Africa in order to cripple a 'rogue state' which was not complying with the multi-cultist agenda of reducing all people to being no more than producing-consuming identity-free robots.

The ANC Regime Change was but a link in a chain of orchestrated actions by the Hidden Elite.  In common with the ongoing atrocities in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia et al, the reality of Regime Change is transfer of wealth and authority from the individual nations into the hands of the International Cabal, and their multi-national corporations.  The suffering of humanity is real; only the lies of the media mask the human cost.  Those who celebrate Nelson Mandela's life have been duped into supporting an agent of globalisation, and a figure who has betrayed those who followed him.  Ultimately, Mandela remains a figure who has much blood on his hands, and who has only served the interests of Big Business and the builders of the Global State.  He does not deserve anyone's adoration, only our contempt.  

With Mandela's death, the world is a little cleaner.  A Marxist terrorist is gone.  However, the liberals and internationalists such as David Icke and the BBC would have us believe that Mandela was a 'great' man, and that we should be sad that he no longer pollutes the earth with his presence.  All those who died, were maimed, raped and tortured at the hands of his ANC scum, are dishonoured by the praise for the man who oversaw the destruction of their lives.

To return to numerology, Mandela departed this world last night, on the evening a film glorifying his evil was premièred in London.  Today is the 6th (6) of December (double 6), in the year 2013 (13).  For those interested in numerology, a man of pure evil has began his first full day in the non-physical realm on a date numbering 666 - 13.  It could be coincidence of course, but when one looks at coincidences, they tend to be very few and far between.

Nelson Mandela - Rot In Perpetuity.  Good riddance to an enemy of humanity and servant of international materialism.  Shame on those who lie that you were a good man.  you were, and remain a stain on the world, which has thankfully now gone, but by rights should have been wiped away many years ago.  It is a shame that Mandela was ever incarcerated.  It would have been far better to have executed every member of the Jewish-Communist ANC, rather than have been liberal and tolerant and allowed them to have become media idols in prison.  The dead do not make come backs and take over countries!


Anonymous said...

Well said Rufus.

I recommend reading this article by Arthur Kemp who is himself a South African:

Rufus News From Atlantis said...

Arthur Kemp makes a valid point that Africa does indeed belong to Africans, and Europeans have no right telling non-Europeans how to live - as indeed no race has any right to dictate to any other. The problem with Mandela is that far from giving South Africa back to Africans, he betrayed the ordinary men and women of the ANC, and turned the nation over to the International Order. He was a tool of the Rothschilds who murdered people of all races, including a good many Africans. he brutalised Europeans due to their racial origins, and was lauded by the Talmudic 'western' media for killing us Goyim. I can agree with Arthur Kemp that full separation is the only solution, but I cannot ignore the crimes of Mandela and the way they were justified because we were the victims.

Cat Weasel said...

Glee is the word I was looking for

Rufus News From Atlantis said...

I think that the situation is so dire in southern Africa that we should evacuate all the Europeans as soon as we can. Excepting of course the Jews who are not really Europeans and who caused the demise of Zimbabwe and South Africa. Any liberals who want to stay in Africa should be allowed to stay - and I would add that all the race-mixers in Europe who favour Africans should be deported, perhaps in exchange for our kin who need to be rescued.

Mary Booth said...

Africa is the world, rot you damded racists: